Monday, July 13, 2009

Tripping over grave markers

Hi again,
  Well, I was planning on being good and working in my studio but the day was nicely overcast and not too hot (85) that I thought I would take the afternoon and go to the local cemetery and take photos of the angels. I was doing ok until I fell into a grave marker...I was looking up at the angel and not down where I was walking and twisted my ankle!  I told Morgan, (my son), that is was because I saw some headstones that had names on them that brought a smile to my face but that was after I fell so it couldn't really be that. I will admit I did a double take when I saw a headstone that said "Noseworthy", since I thought it said "Noteworthy" and wondered about the person who resides there....I did find some headstones with my name on them also, so I took some photos of those too. 
   So, today I will be good and go downstairs to work....need to make a wedding ring for a upcoming article for Bead Unique magazine. I thought about some kind of shackle arrangement but I know that Pam wants something more serious than that. You will have to come back to see what I will make.....till then, some photos of the cemetary angels.....they will be showing up in some new pieces soon. Have a great day, Kelly


  1. I think you should do 2 versions! I love the idea of shackles... makes me giggle a bit...

  2. I would say, "only you..." but I know that's not true!!!