Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hi everyone, 
  I thought I would show you a photo of pieces I have been experimenting with. I got some great porcelain beads from Joan Miller and Marsha Neal and have applied PMC+ to them. I love the colors and the texture. Next I want to combine this technique with copper electro make them really look like they have been underwater for a long the idea of sea salvage!!  

  Also, for those of you who live in the Baltimore area, Adornments (used to be Made In Metal), is having a moving sale! She is moving into a smaller gallery/studio and is having to sell alot of her stock. The sale is this weekend ...Saturday, 2-5 and Sunday, 12-5.  I am going to be there to pick up some furniture for the studio....she has a list of some of the things she is selling if you want to peek ahead of  Anyway, maybe I will see you there. 
   I hope everyone is having a great day and having fun,  working in the studio or playing outside, Kelly 

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