Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just playing....

Hi everyone, 
   Since I am just playing (my new word for working) on the wedding ring...I thought I would put up a photo of what my play station sometimes looks like...I would like to say that it doesn't look like that very often, but I would be lying.....all my tables in my studio are 6 feet or larger, but I seem to only have about a foot of clear area to play the rest of you work like that??? These photos show how I start to build necklaces and plan out the separate beads and the one with the tools is how my table usually looks while I am getting ready for a show...all tools to hand to grab when needed.  I hope everyone has a great day today playing.  Wishing you creative thoughts....Kelly

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  1. I find that when I actually have moments of creativity - it is usually in the midst of a mess. Mess being stuff I've pulled out to inspire me (like magazines, books, sketch pads for doodling, music, and so on...). I would say a head free of daily stresses is a must too. I can handle a quick straightening to get that foot of space if needed - but can't deal with stress when trying to be creative...

    I love that you are able to keep up with blogging so much and are sharing such wonderful pictures! Thanks Kelly!