Friday, July 17, 2009

Still Trapped

Hi everyone,
  Well, I am still trapped at my house. When the guy came and said to move my car if I wanted to drive anywhere since they were going to re-do the road....I thought it was only going to be for the day...Wrong!!  It was now been 4 days and of course, they won't work on the weekends, so who knows when I may escape??  I guess this is the Universe telling me to go into the studio and work!  So, I will listen...who am I to argue with the Universe??  Before leaving you to listen to your own voices...I will leave you with photos that show how I start to design a piece and how when accidents or other ideas intrude and change the finished project......have fun with your projects, Kelly


  1. Oh, I WANT one of those bird beads! Are they available??

  2. Hi Vicki,
    I actually had the bird bead ("The Secret Garden") at Bead and Button. A nice lady bought it....I can make something similar if you want one!!! I have several different ones that still need to be finished, so I will post them as they are finished...maybe you will see something you like. Thanks for coming to visit my blog and leaving a comment...have a great day, Kelly

  3. Kelly, you are funny in this post. I am glad you are writing a blog.

    Catherine Witherell