Thursday, July 16, 2009

playing today...

Hi everyone, 
  Well, I am still working on that article for Bead Unique...and so today, while things dry, I am going to play with other designs and maybe think about what I am going to make to submit for the Saul Bell Contest. I have had two former students win awards, (Dina Alexander and Gail Crossman Moore) so maybe I should step up and enter.  I have a idea for a fish skeleton embedded with jewels and coral as the will be interesting to see if I can set that many stones in one piece (around 50!).  So, since that is still in the planning stage, I will show you some photos of other work that I have done....This is the first piece I did for the Saul Bell but never submitted the slides, so the judges never saw it.....maybe I will be better about getting the slides in on time this year!  Have a great day playing, Kelly

   Oh, the name of this piece is "The Venus Guy Trap".....most ladies think it is funny (as do I) and most men don't.....are we really that different??  Would it have been funnier with a zipper instead of the spikes??   would the men like it better?  oh, the conundrums of it all...K


  1. Lets see, students enter Saul Bell, win 1st and 2nd? Work looks very much like teachers... Yes I think TEACHER should enter!! After all if students win why wouldn't you win? Get your butt going girl!!

  2. I found your site from Google Alerts, which alerted me to your piece called "Venus Guy Trap" because I actually have a book coming out with that title in January! I love the name! :-)

    Shannon McKelden

  3. Wow! Am I impressed! You go girl. This is great.

  4. Hi Shannon,
    Thanks for the note. It is nice to know that other people who don't know me can find me. If you need a photo for a front or back cover...let me know...LOL! If you let me know the release date of your book, I will be more than happy to put it on my blog. I am going to the bookstore today and am planning on looking for "Venus Envy". Love the title...may have to make a necklace with it...take care and thanks again, Kelly and yes, I went and peeked at your blog...