Wednesday, July 8, 2009


 I thought I would show you a ring I made that I call "The Guardian Angel".  The following photos will show the side views. It is quite a large is about an inch across the top and stands about i/2 of an inch off my finger. I have felt like I needed a guardian angel this year and she needed to be large and in charge!!  I also wanted the ring to look like it has been around for a while and I think the patina really works. I would love to know what you think!
   I am going to be teaching this ring and a couple of others in November at The Bead House in Bristol, R.I.  I love going to teach for Kim and Jeff and seeing where I used to live. This year I am driving up and spending a day or two with my friend, Kate Fowle-Meleny, who does beautiful glass. Kate actually taught my husband how to make lampworked beads.  I am going to get to see where I Saunderstown and where I went to school. I am also going into Wickford, it was a neat little art town, and I hope it still is. I am planning on taking a lot of photos.....

  Well, I tried to have the side view of the ring down here  so the page would be interesting but it went where it to learn how to get it to go where I steps....Soooooo,  the two photos on the top of the page along with the photo of the teeny seashells are different views of one ring and then the second two are views of my "Guardian Angel" ring....I hope you like them. Wish me luck with my baby steps....Kelly



  1. Yay Kelly!!! I love the rings and the descriptions!!! So happy to see you've joined the blogging world!

    Beautiful work as always!!! Can't wait to see more!

  2. To get the pictures where *you* want them, highlight it, cut it (command x) and then click your curser where you want it to appear and hit copy (command v). You can also drag it where you want it. At least on a Mac.

    Looking good!

  3. THe guardian angel is a great idea! I love how she is nestled inside of the ring just waiting for you to call her out to report for duty. It's sure to be a big hit in class.