Sunday, July 26, 2009

I love this workshop assignment.....

Hi everyone,
  I am sorry that I haven't written for a couple of days but I have been working on my workshop assignment and that proved to be harder than I thought!!  Since I was supposed to be inspired by the photo I was given and not to copy it, I ended up cutting it down and inverting the top portion into the bottom and then going wild....and let me tell you, going wild takes some time!!!  I liked the piece before I cut off the top and then  after I flipped the top, I didn't like it but decided to plow through. I still wasn't crazy about it after I set the stones, either. But I thought, since I flipped the top, I should flip the stones and that seemed to work better. I didn't love it until I added the wrinkle-ie "leaves" and the spikes. Then it felt like a bud blossoming. I have bizillions of antique buttons and this one fit the size and the design so I decided to use it.  I am now wanting to do a bunch of pieces to go with this bead. I am planning in doing some free-form peyote stitch type necklace with this bead as the focal....I would love to hear (or read) your comments...Kelly
We also got my library painted and some bookcases moved and to organize it and then re-cover the chair and couch....way excited!  Have fun everyone, K

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  1. Would love to see the picture you were all to be inspired by (if possible) just to get the whole picture.

    I love that you flipped the stones around too...

    The piece brings to mind a flower fortress of sorts. The top of the piece reminds me of an old greenhouse or conservatory building roof.

    Beautiful Kelly!!!