Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Finally Quiet!!

Hi everyone,
  Just sitting here listening to the quiet.... the city of Linthicum has been working on the roads in my neighborhood and have been going back and forth with their machines going beep! beep! beep! all day and in between all that the big trucks rumbling the street! Felt like a bunch of small earthquakes... I now have a 1 foot drop right outside my driveway.  No going anywhere for a while....may have to get milk shipped in....guess I will just have to go down to the studio and finish up my ring....since the ring isn't done, I think I will post a photo of an "engagement" ring I made a couple of years back.....it is called "Broken Promises".  I do love making rings....and for those of you who are visual creatures....here are a few more...enjoy, Kelly


  1. OMG, that ring is incredible. Are the stones mobile inside there? I keep have visions of pieces with stones moving freely.

  2. Yes, the stones do move around. They are actually small stones but the watch crystal magnifies them so they look bigger. It is a fun ring to wear....Kelly