Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Just a couple of fun photos....

Hi everyone,
   I am going to get some sleep in a bit but thought I would post a couple of fun photos...and, Libby, tomorrow you better watch out!  There may be this redhead sneaking up behind you....! 
   I am at the Synergy Conference this week and Ford and Forlano started it off with a nice slide show and it was topped off with a cake from Ace of Cakes. There is supposed to be a photo of the cake on PolymerClayDaily in the next day or two....I will take more photos tomorrow...the hotel is fab! Just stunning!  Anyway, have fun this week ad I will try to be good and post everynight!  You can see other photos on Libby Mills  Hope you like mine, Kelly    

   P.S. The first is my good friend, Gloria, in a huge chair! (Gloria's feet really couldn't touch the floor!) and the second is the mural in one of the ladies room's about a fancy restroom!  

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Last but not least, even though it is first...

A little peek of some of the characters in the class and the head character himself!!  

A little bit more...

Hi again,
      First, the photos in the last post are in a backwards order.....Sorry, Roxanne and Terresa.... and I forgot to post the photo of the first funny image I saw on the way to the workshop....should have been a clue!  and then I am going to show you some of the pieces I made....and last, but not least, the project from the class...abit different from Gordon's but that is ok....have fun this week,Kelly 

And now, halftime!!!!

Hi everyone,
   I almost hit the enter button after the title but stopped myself just in time! Yeah!  I had a great time in Virginia at the prison!  I went down on Thursday for the guild meeting and had Chinese dinner before we went to the Mexican restaurant. We got to see a bunch of Gordon's pieces before class and talked a few girls into coming to the class and join in the fun!  Hopefully, Heidi didn't regret not going snowboarding!  I am going to post the little pig she made and hopefully she won't mind! I am also going to show you what I had to look at for three days every time I looked up from what I was doing!  I made a lot of copper and bronze sheets to use in my polymer/pmc pendants. Gordon was a very patient teacher considering we had 20 loud, chatty women!  That man has hidden talents!  I am looking forward to talking with him this week at the Synergy Conference here in Baltimore! 
    We also had a great time at Carol Hamilton's house for dinner and drinks on Saturday night! I haven't laughed that hard in side actually hurt!  Thanks everyone! I must have needed it!  Jeanette LeBlanc (hope I spelled her name right or she will probably write something in the magazine about me that isn't nice!) not really, but she is quiet and quick!  I thought I was going to wet my pants a couple of times after she had just zinged someone.....we are tight like that! Right, Carol?  And for all this I was lucky enough to stay with my good friend Terresa Leopold and her hubby, Cory.... he was a pretty good sport! I wasn't even afraid f her dog, Miko....although, I have never been dissed by a pooch!  And Kim Joy, what more can I say, another quiet but quick zinger!  
     Gordon and Carol had a contest for us within the class context that was fun. The basis was that you had to combine two different clays in the same piece. Denise, Debbie (the young lady in red and white prison garb!) Roxanne and Susan won the prizes of packs of bronze and copper clay!  Lucky girls! We also had breakfast and lunch made for us all three days....not bad, right! Great way to take a when you have a break while something is drying and making the most of the time!  Like I said, great class!  
     So, I won't be posting between now and next Tuesday at the earliest....I am going to Synergy and then a two day class on Sunday and Monday!  I am hoping to pick up my DREAM machine at the conference...way excited! 
     Hope you like these photos....first is Roxanne's, next is Heidi's, and third...what can I say...a room with a view!  Enjoy! Kelly

Thursday, February 18, 2010

More action....

Hi everyone,
   Like Brittany says, "Whoops. I did it again!"  really, you would think I would stop hitting the enter button to go to the next line after typing in my title....and shouldn't it go to the next when you are in Word or writing a letter?  Oh, well.. I hope everyone is doing well while I have been hiding behind the snow...and for those following the snow stories, you will love that my husband was so tired after riding his lawn mower/conversion snow plow that after 10 years up here, he finally bought a snow blower and tried to take out the windows in the front of the house before realizing he had to turn down the funnel part!  And to top it all off...the storm that was supposed to drop another 12-15 inches on us, Didn't!! I think he should take back the blower! That is a lot of money for a garage ornament!  
    Anyway, I have been working on some see my bead on Master Muses sometime in the near future. It has been a love-hate relationship and everything that could go wrong, did! But in the end, it worked out alright.  I haven't worked in clay since last year and had to think some things out that I had forgotten....wild!  Just remember that mistakes can become positives! and paint is your friend!  You will have to go peek at my bead once Tonya puts it on the site....(hope she likes it!).
   So, now I am getting ready to go to Carol Hamilton's studio in Va. to take a class with Gordon Uyehara for copper and bronze clay and maybe some silver....getting ready to experiment! I will be rooming at my friend Terresa'a house for the net four days...and to top it off, she is a great cook! I will be cooking for her and her hubby, Cory, too, to do a little showing off, after all, fair's fair! and then when I get back, I have a couple of days before the ACC show and the Synergy Conference (both here in Baltimore) the Conference starts Wednesday and goes until Saturday or Sunday and I am taking a class with Dan Corimer at the end of the conference for two days! And to top it off, my good friend Mel is coming in from Scotland (she actually started her trip to get here last night) and we are going to squeeze in as much time as we can together....too much fun to be had!  The Tuesday after that, I should be collapsing for a couple of days! Shattered, as Mel says! I can't wait to see some of my polymer friends that I didn't get to see in Tucson, since I didn't go. One of my friends from here got stuck in Tucson for an extra six days....crazy!  Kind of glad I didn't go, as we normally rent a house for a week and we would have had no place to stay....maybe Karma was working with me on that one! Yeah, Karma!  
    Karma has also been working with me on other things, but that will have to wait until the project is more fleshed out! But a big surprise is coming!  I hope you will like it, I am so excited about it!  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great time for the next week and a half....I will try to post some photos of all my peeps and maybe show what everyone is making and doing! But no promises!  Oh, and to top it off, Duff from "Ace of Cakes" is making a cake for Synergy....planning on photos of that!  It's a cooking thing!  Trying to be creative in all parts of my life.....have fun in your studio, Kelly            thought I would show some of my first beads to you....sometimes it is good to look back!  

Action packed week ahead.....

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Just a couple more photos...

Thought you would like to see these photos also....Kelly    The first photo was taken about 2:30 last night and got even bigger as the night went on!  The county had to send out the Cat excavator to move the snow....the plows weren't strong enough...and didn't the guys love that! All that testosterone! And the third is my little metal flamingo with a little frostbite!  Hello to my friends in Florida!  I am thinking I may have to go out and make some snowmen!  Have fun, Kelly 

Snow, snow and more snow...

Hi everyone,
   I am still working on my ideas for the coming year, so not a lot to show....except snow!  For all my friends in Tucson, who are trying to come home after the bead show and my dad, who is laughing at the small amount we got....these images are for you....and everyone else, too!  I find it really funny that on our street that once the snow stops falling, the men come out in droves...driving their little snow plow lawn mower conversions! My husband even bought chains for the tires of his...but he has to shovel all the snow out of the way to be able to get the "plow" out of the garage! And of course, he left the shovel at the other end of the property for ease of clearing a path but then he had to clear a path with his body to get to the shovel!  One of the guys two doors down (our local cop) actually got a clear plastic shower curtain ensemble to go on top of his plow so he could stay warm!  I told Ed if he got one of those, I was going to add hot pink beaded fringe to the "roof line" and give it some style!  Anyway, for those of you snowed in, enjoy yourselves and for those of you in the sunshine, sorry!  Hope you enjoy the photos....Kelly

   The first photo is Ed taking a break....and the next is my little VW Bug hiding under a blanket of snow and then the third is in to his "Need for Speed!"....

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

and last but not least....

I thought I would round out the snow by including two more shots for an even half dozen...enjoy...

and two more.....

thought I would add two more....too much info in the photos to do more than that....K    the second photo is Morgan breathing while taking the shot...I think it looks pretty cool. I tried it but my breath never showed up....wonder what that means?

Lovely Snow....

Hi everyone,
   Well, I haven't been doing much to show you...mostly paperwork and trying to come up with new ways to enhance my business. I have decided to take off the whole year from shows and not worry about the economy too much. Although, I am missing Tucson...which is happening as I write....but the last couple of years while I was there, I missed the snow here, and I LOVE snow! So, it has been really nice for me to have had two snow storms already and a couple of more on the way...I would have missed them if I had gone to Tucson.  Morgan and I took some great photos early this morning, right after the snow stopped falling, around 4:30. And now, it is 3:45 in the afternoon and the snow is almost gone! Glad we took the photos, even if it was dark! I love the way the snow was outlining the branches and you can see how delicate they look. Then later when the sun tried to come out, the light made the branches even more delicate but you can see all the detail. Morgan and I are hoping for more snow this weekend so we can play with the camera some more.....don't know what I will do with the photos..maybe a wall mural?  Anyway, I hope you are having fun in the snow or the sun, depending on where you are and don't forget to play in the studio, Kelly