Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finally finished....well, maybe!

Hi everyone,
I thought I would show you the finished purse. Although, I am thinking of adding a liner and maybe some little sprinkles of beads near the beaded bezel....but since I want to think about that before I add them (if I do), I am declaring it done! I really had a great time doing combines a lot of my favorite things....fabric, thread, beads, polymer, PMC and glass. I am going to wear it to the Art and Soul Retreat that I am going to next week. I am going to take a weeks worth of classes....some to actually learn something I don't know and some just for fun (those would be the Zentangle classes!). Although, I don't know how to transfer those Zentangle designs to fabric which I am looking forward to. I am hoping I will be albe to transfer them to fabric that I can then work into the nuno felt. Let the games begin!!! I am also taking a class with Chad Alice Hagen...she makes some wild felted pieces and I have seen her work at the ACC shows for years! We are going to learn how to dye the felt in all sorts of different ways! I used to dye fabric and do shibori and Katazome silk painting, so I am excited to see how I can transfer these ideas to felt for my purses....!!!!!
For those of you who are following my rings on the Flickr RAW project...don't give up on me...I have been working on some new rings and will get back to the project when I get back from the retreat. I have 4 or 5 laid has a polymer bezel with the stone laid into the surface and is four fingers may become a pendant, but we'll see. I am still trying to use little bits and pieces to make these rings so I can try to out wait the cost of silver. I may have to turn in my 5lbs of scrap so I can buy a kiln to do bronze clay in. Who doesn't need four kilns!!? Maybe I should get one for glass and porcelain too!! No, that's just crazy!! One at a time!!!
I may not post while I am at the retreat....depends on how tired I get....I am taking 8 or 9 class in 6 days.....a bit crazy, but I want to get all I can out of the experience! So, I hope you will all have fun in your studios while I am gone....I will try to post, but I am not promising....Kelly

P.S. The photos, in order are, the front of the purse, the second is a close up of some of my polymer and PMC beads and the last photo is the back of the purse showing the bead I used as the closure. Hope you like it......K

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Show News.....

Hi everyone,
Well, I just posted my show news onto the Metal Clay Magazine blogspot and hopefully, Jeanette won't kill me for that, since I didn't yack about metal clay. Oh, well, what are you going to do?? So, I will now tell you all about the work of the last couple of weeks.....I was waiting to go back into the studio after the the kitchen flooded....had to wait for the light to dry out and while I was waiting, I got a call from Darlene to ask if I wanted to share the booth at the show in Philly. I had enough beads and polymer cabs to go with but I wanted something new to have to attach beads many necklaces does a person actually need? So, I decided to make some nuno felt. I had learned how to make nuno felt down at Carol Hamilton's back in Feb and thought that might be a great background to sew beads to. So, I did a lot of research and got a lot of silk tops and wool roving and went to work! My dining room became a make-shift workroom along with the kitchen and I now have multi-colored silk and wool dust bunnies of various sizes all over the house! But I do also have some great looking felted pieces! I was really happy with the response they got! I picked out three pieces for myself to use as samples and then put the rest out for sale. They were like honey to the bees...everyone wanted to come over to the booth and touch them! I started sewing some beads onto one of the sample pieces so I could show everyone what I was thinking what I had mad the felt for. I am making mine into a small cell phone purse, which is funny, since I don't have a cell phone! My friends are hoping that after I am done, I will love my purse so much that I will buy a cell phone! Not! I am doing all the beadwork first and then I will sew up the back seam with some decorative threads or silk ribbons and some sari silk ribbons for the straps with some of my polymer beads as accents. I may put in a liner and a tassel at the bottom, or maybe not.....I will post photos as the work progresses.
On another front, I just wanted to tell everyone that I will be teaching a class with Debbie Taylor and Carol Hamilton at the polymer retreat that is taking place in July in Chicago right before the Metal Clay World Conference. The class is three days long with a day each for metal clay, torch firing enamels and polymer clay. Carol will be teaching the metal clay and Debbie will be doing the enamel bit and I will be doing the polymer clay pod bit. There will be a good bit of experimenting in this class. Let me know if you are interested or have any questions.
Have fun in your studios.....Kelly

The first photo is the piece of felt opened with the beadwork on the part that will be the front. If you click on the photo, you will be able to see more detail. The second and third photos are the class project sample. Comments welcome, Kelly

Monday, March 28, 2011

Just a quick note....

Hi again....
WOW! twice in two days....but this is just a quick note...I thought I would show you a few of the beads I am bringing to the show in Philly on some of my felt....which I think I may have incorrectly labeled as nuno may be just regular felt with fabric on top. I don't care which it is since I like the look and the fun I have making it. But, I don't want to be saying I am making one thing if I am not, so, there you are....
Anyway, I am hoping you will stop by and see some of my new is a photo of two...see you soon, have fun in your studio...Kelly

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Well, what's new????

Hi everyone,
I thought I would show you what I have been up to! I was working on my RAW project and was planning on going into the studio the next day too finish my ring when my kitchen pipes decided they had had enough time working at our house....I got a bit stressed when I saw water all over the kitchen floor! Had to shut off the water main and wait for Ed to come home to fix everything....good thing he knows how to do all that! I got a new sink and faucet...yea!!! I hate stainless steel sinks!!! I now have a bigger sink, nice white cast iron, and shepherd's crook faucet...I am so loving it! I didn't care for the water pouring through the studio ceiling and wrecking my ring mandrel and dapping block and various other tools....replaceable, so live and learn. I couldn't go and work in the studio since there was water in the light fixture and we had to let that drain so we wouldn't have problems with the I decided to get going on some new projects for a show in April that I am doing with my good friend, Darlene.
I am trying to continue to work in PMC even though the cost has gone through the roof! So, I have started thinking about making smaller charms and one-sided centerpieces that I could use with bead embroidery. I had also played at Carol's house with her Babylock Embellisher and had some ideas about combining the felt I made with the PMC charms. I have now made three sheets of nuno felt and love the process...I have two pieces drying as I write! I am planning on cutting some of the sheets into pieces big enough to make cell phone purses that customers can pick and choose their fabric, maybe add a charm or two or a centerpiece and then some fabric for the straps. They can add embroidery stitches and some beads and personalize their phone purses. Since I don't a cell phone, I am using mine for business cards, credit cards and keys.... have I am hoping to make some up before the show....(which is the Philly Wire Fest show at Valley Forge Convention Center), I am also making some polymer cabs for bead embroidery and to use on the soon as I finish one up, I will post a photo. By the way, I will be in the booth next to Twisted Sistah with Darlene of D7 Studios...hope some of you can stop by and say hello. I will be making more felt for the next couple of weeks but I will get back to the rings after the show.

I have saved the good news for last.....I was asked to be one of the jurors for the PMC Annual!!! I was so happy to be asked....Thanks, Tim!! I am in the company of three other people...Celie Fago, my first teacher, Robert Ebendorf and Lorena Angelo. I am excited to see all the photos...I hope I do a good job.

I hope you are all having fun creating....I am going back to the machine....Kelly

the photos are as follows.....the first one is before it was felted and the second photo has been felted and the third photo is the same piece before felting.....I think they will look a bit lighter when they dry and the silk shows up a little better, but I love how soft the colors look!!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

New number 10...

Hi everyone,
Well, I am sitting here with my latest ring on typing this out. It was supposed to be a entirely different ring but.....So, to start with, I will tell you what it was supposed to be and how it changed. Originally, it was to have one of my epoxy cones (with red metal flakes) coming up through the copper faceplate. The copper was supposed to be about 1/16th above the silver band, so you could see that the copper faceplate was what was holding the cone in place.
So, then the problems started...first the sterling ring was too big, so that had to be cut down and then when I tried to rivet the faceplate to the sterling band, the faceplate broke after the first one was set. Then the ring didn't have enough tension to hold the cone in and then another piece broke off....finally, I laid it to one side to think over possibilities. So, a month later, this is the result....
I decided I was going to do something with this ring if it killed me....but it didn't! I put on some old world type music and I think that inspired me....I ditched the cone idea (for now) and really looked at the ring. I liked that there was still this space between the sterling band and copper faceplate, so, I looked through some of the PMC pieces that I have (already fired) and found one that was large enough to fill the hole in the faceplate. I was happy that the faceplate was still going to be the part holding the center of interest in place...just not a cone. The disc had a hand imprinted on it and already had two little holes and I was planning on riveting the whole thing in place, so I got some thread out to hold it all together and decided I liked that look better than the rivets. So, I got some pretty turquoise blue silk thread and tied the whole thing up. I wanted the ring to look like it had been broken several times and fixed on the spot rather than being discarded. It was pretty shiny when I was done so I decided that instead of using LOS, I would use paint for the patina. I went over the whole ring and then wiped it down, thread and all!! I then went back and highlighted the thread with a little colored pencil to brighten it up again. I like that it looks dirty. Even with the thread and different edges inside, it is very comfortable to wear.
I have also been trying to design some classes and have been pretty happy with what I have come up with, so we will see how that works out. Some of them may become step by step projects or, keep having fun in your studios...and I will too, Kelly

Friday, February 25, 2011

and now, number 7!!!

Hi everyone,
It has been a busy couple of weeks....after I got back from Carol's I had to get ready for my two day class with Jeff Devers. We were going to making boxes with lids....Jeff does some of the most amazing boxes out of polymer clay. We started by making a box out of card stock and then covering them with clay and baked them. We used these as our interior molds. We built up our boxes in layers with a lot of baking and sanding in between (good thing we had a day off to catch up on our "homework"). We then learned how to make two different kinds of fitted lids. It was interesting to see how Jeff works and how he pays so much attention to detail. I would show you a photo of mine but I loaned it to my gal, Gloria, so she could work on her next step.....when I get it back I will put on a decorative layer, bake and sand again...then I will post a photo of the finished piece! Something to look forward to!
In between getting ready for the workshop and the couple of days after, I have been busy in the studio when I haven't been in bed with the flu. I finished off 4 rings that I had in various stages of being finished, and 1 completely new one, so now I am not behind on my RAW!! So, I will start with the new one.....really simple...I had a wonderful piece of copper metal clay that I had textured in Gordon's class with the tearaway method last Feb. I antiqued the surface with acrylic paint and then heat set it before sanding the surface lightly with sandpaper to bring out the details of the little angel. I also had some little bits of already fired metal clay and one of them was a #7 and was just the right size to use on the surface, so I antiqued that with the same colors of acrylic paint. If you look closely, you will see that the little angel looks like he is holding the big ball with one hand and throwing a little ball up in the air with his other hand. The little ball is actually the rivet that holds part of the ring together. Since I don't solder, I needed to figure out how to attach the shank to the band. I decided to use the holes in the #7 disc and the upper right hand corner, which worked out to look like he was tossing a ball in to the air. I liked the way a bit of the band peeked out of the far edge and decided to keep it and then added a little amethyst stone to the sterling band. The little tab also holds the ring in place and keeps it from spinning. It is quite comfortable to wear even though it is off center.
So, for ring number 8, I had a ring cut out from a Faux Bone blank and had experimented with coloring the surface last summer. It has been sitting on my worktable just waiting for the right little something. When I had found my little number 7 disc, I had also found some of the long fragments that I used to make for earrings. I also had a large disc...I hammered that into a bowl so I could set one of those rivoli stones into it and I had a purple one that worked with the surface of the already dyed faux bone ring, so I started assembling the ring. I used two long fragments on the sides and used some sterling headpins to attach everything together. I then found a smaller fragment that fit in between the two that worked out well. When those were attached, I drilled a hole in the faux bone with a round tip bur and set the bowl into it after doming the center section in a smaller divot to conform the bottom of the bowl. I then set the rivoli in and chemically bonded the whole thing together. Yes, I know, it is the easy way out, but have you ever tried to rivet on a ring band? It is hard to flip the ring and hammer on the inside of the band....and since I had to use epoxy to glue the rivoli into the bowl, I really didn't mind.
So, while all the epoxy was drying, I pulled out some rings I had made in a class with Tim McCrieght. I liked the idea of the rings but they were too big, even for me, so I thought about what I could do to shrink the interiors so they would fit. I had made a polymer sheet that looked like slabs of wood and it ended up being the right thickness to close up the interior so the rings fit nicely. I love the natural patina on the two rings. The third was in a plastic bag, so no patina as of now. I am still playing with the idea of setting some small white topaz in a couple of the rings. Well, that is all for now...hope you like some of the rings....let me know if you can...I would love to hear from you...have fun in your studios....Kelly

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Number 6 on board!

Hi everyone,
It has been a busy week and a half! I went down to Va last week and cooked and partied and made a silk felted scarf, which I can't show you since I left it in Va (I think Carol's doggies wanted me to stay and one of them stole it out of my pile of things to be loaded into the car...the little stinker! I bet it was Marly!)
I started the weekend out at my little groupie, Terresa's house for her big birthday party! I helped her cook some of the buffet...made my paprika chicken with saffron rice! YUM!! Stayed up til 3:30 partying with the guests....and then we went to a international market on Sunday and got some steaks for dinner (yeah, the pioneer women recipes!) steak bites with mashers, YUM again!
On Monday, I went over to Carol Hamilton's house so we could play with her embellisher.....Terresa joined us and we ended up going to Alexanderia to the Fibre Space store for silk and wool roving. I also got some beautiful silk yarns to do kumihimo with. We also hit another international market..(that's what happens when Terresa is driving....) got some rose water and orange blossom water for some Moroccan recipes that I have been wanting to try. Lucked out and found some ginger cookies with lemon filling.....and YUM again! Great weekend so far!!
We all went back to Carol's and started our felting with the embellisher. It has 10 needles and no feed-dog so you can free sew with it. We worked for several hours working the roving onto the silk chiffon so we could then put it in the felting machine to felt. I got to wear mine to the local PMC guild meeting. Finally got home on Thursday and started work on my RAW for the week...
So...started one ring and everything was going fine until....dom, dom, dommmmm, the top piece broke into three pieces.....frustrating.....time to start a different ring....started that on Saturday....incorporated three of my favorite mediums...silver sheet, epoxy and polymer idea of stacking rings....I haven't written in silver so that was a experience that I need to practice, but I do like that it looks hand written...went through 3 drill bits and 5 saw blades. I realized that I should have written everything out with a smaller marker so my lines would have be more spot on and Bur Life would have helped, but all in all, not too bad... I was just going to use a polymer clay sheet that looks like flames but I decided to slide in a sheet of epoxy that had some gold glitter and red ink as a tint. It added a little bit of sparkle behind the openings in the letters. I then fit the polymer sheet so it shows the epoxy sheet as a border. I chemically bonded the whole thing together and then filed down the edges and applied 24kt gold leaf to the polymer edges. I buffed the polymer and I love the way the pattern looks 3-dimensional. I am going to try to finish another ring in the next couple of days since I have a 2-day class with Jeff Devers. My girl Gloria is taking the class too...we are going to have sooooo much fun!! It has been a while since I last saw her...she has been playing in Tucson for a month or so. Anyway, hope you like the ring....and that you are having fun in your studios...Kelly

P.S. I thought I would show you the photo Morgan took with my camera on Saturday morning before I started my second ring...I didn't find them until I downloaded my ring photos...I love the way the sunrise matches my ring colors....too funny, huh? K

Friday, February 4, 2011

Here we are again....

Hi everyone,
I hope you are all keeping warm and having fun in your studios! I have....and now you can see what I have been doing....
I am still playing with these epoxy cones...this time I decided to use the bottom half. I wanted to set one of those fancy rivoli stones that the bead workers are using in their latest pieces and I do love the sparkle! Major bling! So, I thought that by using the bottom, I could make a bezel that the rivoli would fit into and live up to the color of the rivoli. Well, the best laid plans of mice and men....after I had cut out the cone shaped opening, I decided to change my design...again...I had these lovely pearls from my friend, Carol Hamilton, and I decided to use one in the center of the bowl. That was when I decided to use some of the 24ft gold sheet inside the cone. I love the way it makes a halo of light around the pearl. I had planned on using just the cone for the looked so lonely by itself, so I dug around for something I might use to bump up the idea of a raised bezel. I had some small metal clay discs and I domed them and then decided to slide in a epoxy disc in between them. I think it looks like a Dr. Suess stack of plates and bowls (think green eggs and ham)....
I don't solder so I am always looking for creative ways to attach things together. I didn't want to use a wide band but in my scrap, I did find a gold band that a friend had given me when he went out of business about 12 years ago. Did you know that if you smack the crap out of a size 5 gold band with a chasing hammer, you can bring it down to a size 9 with a bit of work?! By beating it so hard, I cracked off the solder and concentrating on the heavier area where the bezels where, I was able to move some major metal. I then made one big spike type rivet out of 16g sterling and used that to hold everything together. I did have to chemically bond the pearl since a 16g piece of wire isn't going into a pearl without a lot of trouble.
I had a lot of fun making this ring. I love when the light shines through the resin and makes the gold glow! I must have smacked the gold band a bit too much because it is a bit too big and sways back and forth on my finger, although, that could also be because it is top heavy!!
And as a last comment...wait until you see what I did with my other epoxy bits....I guess you will have to come back next week to see! I will be hanging out with my friends down in Va for a couple of days....playing in a couple of different studios...making some bronze clay sheets, some felted silk bits....maybe some silk paper for some future rings....just thinking....trying to be open to all the possibilities! Hope you are being open too! Have fun and stay warm! Kelly

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Hi everyone,
Here we are again...wondering what is happening! Well, my latest ring also had a mind of its own and decided what it wanted to be and nothing I could say would change its mind...maybe it was my muse and not the ring, hmmmm......anyway, I was still looking for that etched metal sheet I told you about last week and still haven't been able to find it, but have found alot of fun things to play with in the future! So, I had to come up with a idea that would translate into a cool ring!
I have been playing with some epoxy ideas....coated some rose petals to stack, made some cones that didn't work, made some that did....I had gotten so excited about the way they looked while I was making them, that they tended to grow bigger! At first the cones were only about 1/2 of a inch tall and then I started to make the molds longer and longer!!! I then had fun with all the different things I could add into the epoxy after pouring it into the molds! I think my favorite is the flake glitter! Thank you, Martha Stewart! I chose the green for this project but I have all sorts of other colored cones waiting in the wings! So, after waiting two days for all these epoxy experiments to cure (one batch didn't make it) I had some do-dads to play with!
I had thought to use a smaller cone and turn it upside down and then drill out a cone shaped hole so I could chemically set a large CZ into the epoxy, but since in my excitement, I made the cones so large, I didn't have any stones that would fit (need to get those big stones from Barbara Becker Simon!! Well, maybe not that big!!!) Anyway, I had to come up with another way to show off the epoxy cone. It was my son, Morgan, who finally saved the day! He laid the cone down flat on his finger and said I should make a girlie ray-gun for making slow drivers get out of my way! I am sure you will all want one!! Making the blowing up sound not included!!
So, I got out some sheet metal and made the band with overlapping ends to hold the entire kit and kaboddle. I then scrounged up some metal clay discs that I had made last year and used them as a way to add some metal accents but still show off the cone. I bent the discs to fit the cone and then drilled the hole in the cone for the rivet. Everything is held together by the one rivet.....I drilled the hole smaller than my wire and then filed the wire to fit to make sure it was nice and tight. Getting a really long rivet into a smaller circular band is a pain but it worked out in the end. I decided to add the end accent at the last minute and am glad I just finished everything off and holds the whole design together. For the end piece, I just drilled a small hole in the cone and doubled over a head pin and after placing a teeny bit of glue in the hole, I placed the disc on the end and stuck in the doubled head pin which then sprung on a little bit to hold everything securely in place. Done! And comfortable to wear!! I love that the whole ring is held together with one cool is that? Anyway, I hope you like it....I am going down to the studio to play with my other cones and epoxied bits...have fun in your studios...Kelly

Friday, January 21, 2011

The latest experiment!

Hi everyone,
Well, I have had a very productive week!! Actually designed some rings for the RAW challenge and went down to the studio to make the one I choose, but couldn't find the etched silver I wanted to use. I had put them away for "safe-keeping". Of course I couldn't find them (3 lovely sheets with a lace pattern etched into them from 13 0r 14 years ago when I attended a class at Penland) and thought the necklace I had designed for them was too was the beginning of my metal experiments...I also found out that I wasn't crazy about soldering....which is probably why I love metal clay!
Anyway, I ended up cleaning the studio trying to find the sheets and ended up against the I looked around to see what I could do. I had just suggested to a friend about doing a epoxy ring with rivets but she wanted to use her own idea (although my idea got her started)...a couple of hours later, I called her and told her if she wasn't going to use my idea, I I did...with a few changes!
I have sheets of epoxy just lying around, so I chose the most flexible one and then I went looking for some cute little brass tube rivets that I have...and, guess what...couldn't find those either, but found these cute nuts and bolts that I have been saving for a project that would show them off...I think they are so cool! So I decided to use them. Since they are black, I looked through my stock for something to put between the two layers of epoxy for a bit of interest. I have these cool rub-ons that were small enough to use and of course,, I had to use them. They are in between the layers of epoxy so they won't get rubbed off. I then worked to put the nuts and bolts into the ring...which ended up being tricky since the epoxy wanted to heal almost as soon as I put the hole into it. It ended up being a race between how fast I could poke the bolt through before the hole closed up tight....I won! Three times! Actually one of the fastest rings I have ever made and I think it is pretty cool too! And is comfortable to wear, believe it or not!
So, I am going back to the studio to look for those etched sheets again to work on next weeks ring. Probably end up cleaning some more of the studio, which could be a problem, since I can never find anything afterwards...which is why I am still looking for those dam---d metal sheets! Oh, well, I will just plug in some great music and dance my way through it!! Have fun in your studio....hope you like my ring....Kelly

Friday, January 14, 2011

Next Experiment....

Hi everyone....
This has been a week full of experiments! And most of them turned out well. Several of my friends told me about a great site, The Pioneer Woman, and she has great recipes! We decided to try out her steak bites and potatoes au gratin....made a double batch of those...yum! Going to make them again tonight! I strongly suggest a look at her may find some you like!
I also experimented in the second Ring A Week was due...I have been wanting to make some more hollow polymer beads. I also wanted to use some tearaway sheets with inlaid color. So, I decided to make a "stone" to set in a ring. I also wanted who ever was looking at or wearing the ring to be able to see the back of the "stone". As I was working on the stone, I felt it looked like lace and decided to put a molded face into the stone surface. I inlaid the tearaway texture with purple and teal and blended the colors where they overlapped. After I had built the top and sides, I cut out the opening and made a mold of a face and pressed it into the opening to fit. After the face was baked, I put it in the opening and then fit the back into place.
While I was working on the "stone", I wired up the shank. I used 16g sterling and wired it up with some 30g purple wire to hold the shank together. Once the shank fit my finger, I wrapped the purple wire around the top where the six ends met to hold them together. I then bent up the arms and fit them to the "stone" as prongs. Before I bent them around the stone, I hammered them out so they would be thin and not compete with the stone. I then bent them to hold the stone in place. I am pleased with how it turned out. It is very lightweight, even though it is about 1 and 1/2 inches high and it sits high enough off my finger so I don't have a problem using my hands while I wear it. I already have my design for next weeks ring.....woohoo!
Anyway, I hope you like the ring....and I hope you are having fun in your studios...Kelly

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Look at what I did this week!!

Hi everyone,
Well, it has been a busy week.....I decided to give myself a goal that I had to produce for. You know, instead of a project to be made sometime in the future, I joined the RAW (ring a week) group on Flickr. So, I have a week to produce a ring of some kind and to post the photos....otherwise, I am out. I think this is a good way to try out all the little experiments I have been wanting to work on.
This week, I focused on epoxy set into a frame of some sort. I had some metal clay sheets with tearaway images of earth spirits on them that I thought would be great for the front and back of the ring. I also wanted there to be a tree reference for the earth spirits to be connected to.
I had this rod of molded plastic that I ordered last year and it is a lovely ivory color and I can cut it as thick or thin as I want to. It takes a bit of time to cut is too big to go under the blade of the bandsaw, and I would lose too much material if I use the power mitre saw, so I had to do it with my jewelers saw and a big spiral blade. So, I cut it (it took about a half hour) and then sanded it a bit so I could draw my pattern on the surface, drill my holes and then cut out all the leaves and the hole for my finger.
I decided to use some of the copper metal clay sheets that I had made in Gordon's class last Feb as the outer sides with the "french ivory" sandwiched in between. I cut the sides out and filed the edges.
I then fit the "tree" frame to the sides so I could cut out the outside edges. I then sanded everything and put packing tape on the one side and went on to mix up my epoxy and ink to get my leaf color. I used one drop of a pea green and 5 drops of a blue to get the color I did. I was trying to make the epoxy color work with the paint patina I had demo-ed on the metal sheets (at the PMC Conference this past July). I filled the spaces with the epoxy...some were over-filled and some had a little less than needed, so on one side of the ring, the leaves look thick and thin and on the other side, they are all the same level and sanded to a matte finish. I then riveted all three pieces together. Not my best riveting, but I haven't done any in about a year, so I am not going to cry over it.
It is a comfortable ring to wear even though it is quite tall...about 2" and about 1&1/2" wide at the leaf edge. It is a little thicker than a quarter so just about right. I can't wear wide bands.
I learned a lot on this was the first time I had worked with the "french ivory" and was happy with the way it was easy to cut and carve, but after I saw the spaces with the epoxy in them, I saw where I could have been a bit more careful at the points of some of the leaves. I also should have waited to cut the sides of the "french ivory" until after I had riveted everything together.
I am already to start my next ring....toooo many ideas and not enough time....I am thinking about using this shape ring for all my rings to see if I can work myself out of a corner.....well, maybe not all.....Hope you like the ring and please, post some comments so I know what you think works and what may not is the only way to learn....thanks, and have fun, Kelly

the photos are....1. a close up of the "Flora" side with the sun shining through the epoxy.
2. a close up of the "Earth Spirit" side and you can see the difference in the leaves.
3. a over all view of the ring, "Flora's" side.