Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Movie, Mac and Cheese....

Hi everyone, 
   I went to the movies yesterday with my sons, Brandon and Morgan....and since we are so grown up, we went to see "Ice Age" in 3-D. We liked the first two and this one didn't disappoint! I thought at one point, Morgan was going to laugh too hard and hurt himself or at the very least, do himself a mischief!!! Then we came home and made fried mac and cheese for dinner....with chicken on the side!!  Delish!!!  I also got my first assignment for the online group I am in and have already planned out what I am going to make.....way excited!  So I thought I would show you some experimental pieces that I have done before I go and try another....now to go downstairs to play!!  Have fun today, Kelly

PS..the lady in the top piece is a piece of molded porcelain antiqued with PMC, the other bead has a piece of Roman glass as the center "stone" and the last piece is about three inches long and has a nude bride behind the bars.... the title is "A Bird in a Gilded Cage" all I have to do for her is to make her chain and lock.  The blue and white plaques are inlaid polymer clay and the bride is a transfer....love playing with polymer...k


  1. Nice Kelly! What online group are you a part of? Is it PMC? Polymer? Or just artsy related? Just curious...

  2. it is a experimental kind of thing...Sylvie Landsdowne did this with lampworkers...Alice and Louise were in one of her groups...I was excited by what Alice did and asked Sylvie if we could do it with PMC...so we are...we got our first assignment on Monday and then we will be posting out photos on Sunday (closed group, though, so you won't be able to see any of the pieces unless the students post them to the group on facebook at large.....we have 8 assignments and I am so excited!!!!Woo Hoo! as you would say..I may post my photos here if I make any beads that I think are good enough!

  3. Can't wait to see them! Have fun (like always...)