Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Polymer cabs....

Hi everyone, 
  Well, I thought I was going to be able to post before this but I have been working on a polymer cab order for a friend of mine. We were in Dave Chatt's master beading class way back in '96 or '97 up in Split Rock, Minn.  We had a great time but lost touch over the years and she moved to Santa Fe and I moved here to Baltimore. She saw my work in Lisa Kan's beading book and gave me a call!  So, I am in the process of making some cabs for her...just a few...30!  to start...I hope she likes them.  I am antiquing them a bit differently than before and sanding the highlights with 600 grits sandpaper to bring out the little details. I am planning on making some for me when I am done with Hattie's and putting them in PMC bezels and doing some of my own beadwork. I must be in a creative mood this week because I signed up for Synergy2 in Baltimore in Feb. I ordered a dvd from Sarah Shriver on her Kaleidoscope canes and also signed up for a class with Dan Cormier after Synergy2 for 2 days and even ordered some bead kits from Marcia DeCoster  and got some beading books and some polymer books....I think my brain may explode sometime soon!  At least I will be having fun at the same time....and who knows what will come of it all?  So, I will post the photos for Hatties work and if you look closely at the photos, you may see my reflection...don't fall on the floor when you do!!  Have fun playing...Kelly

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  1. these.are.incredible! i am constantly in awe of what people can do with polymer! your friend will be ecstatic...