Monday, September 21, 2009

New Week, New Work....

Hi everyone,
   Well, I did it again...hey, isn't that a song??  I really have to stop hitting the enter button after I put in the, just ignore that last post!  Anyway, I didn't do much of anything this past weekend but think about my Master's registry projects and and getting some of them down on paper. I am in a group with 5 other ladies who are also doing their Master's Registry and we have decided what projects we are doing so we can work out any problems that may come up and to just be support for each other. We are starting with the brooch with the stilt rivets and I showed you my drawing, but I am going to change it a bit and take out the long pearl and put in one of the long porcelain nails I made. I think it will make more of a statement.  Since you have already seen the drawing of my piece, I will leave you with some plain old eye candy....hope you enjoy it...have fun playing in the studio...which is where I am going...I is awfully nice on the porch right now.....Kelly

I thought you might like to see some of my bigger pieces....the top two are fabric cuffs with antique lace and metal lace and pearls and tiny 15 charolettes  appliqued onto micro suede with a PMC centerpiece of a mermaid. One cuff has white pearls and the other has dark pearls and they are meant to be worn over long sleeves that haven't any cuffs. They tie on. The last piece is a pendant that combines metal and polymer clay and I made it for the Master's registry as one of the candidate's choices. The image behind the bars is a nude bride and the keyhole covers all the important bits. The name of this is" The Gilded Cage". I may still use it...I may re-make it...I see room for improvement with it. It is almost 4 inches long and is quite heavy....oh, well....time to go to play....Kelly


  1. Kelly, you know you can edit your posts to delete anything you'd like to remove or add to, right?

  2. Sorry Vickie....I have no clue....and since I am pretty spacie with my computer skills and it makes everyone smile...I don't mind. You know what I mean? something new to learn....