Monday, September 14, 2009

playing with scraps....

Hi everyone, 
   Well, I had a fun weekend playing in the studio! I needed to do my last assignment for the PMC Voice workshop and it needed to be opposite of what I normally do. Since all my work is over the top with little swirls and frou-frou-... the only way to go was with a flat, square pendant with nothing on it.  I had a really hard time deciding what to make...think about your own work and think about its opposite....what would yours look like?  I also started playing around with all the scraps I have had laying around for I don't know how long!  I am layering them over porcelain and ceramic beads made by Joan Miller and Joan Tucker and Billy Batts. I will show you the before and afters (the afters in a couple of days....after they are fired and patina-ed). One of the pieces I designed with all my scraps may turn into on of my Masters Registry pieces.  My son has even named it for me..."Fallen Angel"...I will post the before photo.  I am going to mount it on a piece of golden mica sheet (maybe!)...or flame patina-ed copper sheet that I did years ago in a Marilyn Moore class.  Have fun playing and I hope you like these....comments welcome...Kelly


  1. the opposite of frou-frou, dainty & organic - a robot... your work is so organic, i be you are having a time of this... i think of electronic parts - things that are disconnected, hard formed... good luck! it's kind of a neat thing to think about - but having to do it? yikes...

  2. EEE Gads,

    I can't say I would classify your work as dainty frou-frou!! Your work is much more layered and organic. Far more Bohemian then frou-frou. So I would think you are on the right tract with the rectangle. I think your opposite like mine is, very graphic, spare, and angular :) Just my thought anyway.

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mx.

  3. Thanks ladies,
    I ended up making a flat square pendant with nothing on it....not my cup of tea. After the comments are all done, I made a little somethin, somethin' to the surface.....maybe a little bling....LOL! I am putting some of my pieces in the post in the kiln today...wait til you see how they came out! Have fun playing, Kelly