Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Classes galore....

Hi everyone,
   I am sorry I haven't written in over two has been different around here...I was working on Hattie's polymer cabs and got so excited about them that I started designing necklaces and new beads to go with them. So, I have been sitting on the porch for the last two weeks instead of going down into the studio. The weather has been beautiful...not too hot, not too cold, not too breezy....just perfect! So, I did alot of research and bought some bead kits from Marcia Decoster and Beads East to get me back into beading and catch up on all these new bead stitches.  I won't be going to RI for my ring class though since it was cancelled. It is a shame as I was really looking forward to seeing Kate, Kim and Jeff and enjoying my time in one of my hometowns....maybe next, instead, I am going in the opposite direction and going to Florida and taking a class with Barbara Becker Simon....we are also going to talk about what we are teaching at the conference next summer. Tim has asked us to show surface techniques for metal clay,(thought I would tell you since no one guessed!). We will be on a big screen and all so everyone will be able to see everything without breathing on someone's neck!  While I am in Florida, I will also get to go to Honeymoon Island to do a bit of "shelling"...I have some plans for those shells...they just don't know it yet!  Hoping to find a few crab claws, too!  So, I hope everyone is having fun in the studio...making plans, playing with materials, losing yourself in your work, etc.....I am off to post some photos for my second master's registry piece(show you next post) and to spend some more time in my head....planning.....have fun, Kelly    I thought I would show you some of my planning without the pen and paper....when I am just fooling around....enjoy!


  1. Kelly, we are done with shows for 2009 and I am off to the studio for new stuff; if you wish I will send you some new things that no one has seen to see if you can us them for next year's classes or projects. I love the silver on porcelain. Stay well,Joan T

  2. I would love to get some presents in the would be great if some of them are not glazed at all so I can play with color afterwards....some hoops, beads and your textured flat disks would be so you want to do this as a article? let me know...hugs to you and Lana...k

  3. oh my gosh these are beautiful!
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