Friday, September 11, 2009

Wicker and new work...

Hi everyone, 
  well, it is now time to get working on my Masters Registry piece..the first one of the fifty!  I am in a small group of ladies who are working together for support and problem solving. The first project is the brooch with stilt rivets. I also have to work on my last assignment for the PMC Voice group. I think it will be the hardest yet...I am supposed to define myself, my work and then do the opposite.  How do I describe myself or my work?  Any hints would be great!!!  When I am descibing my work, I think dainty and frou-frou and then there are all those pod things....what is the opposite of all those different subjects?  I have to say, my son Morgan always laughs when I say dainty and frou-frou.....and my husband just smiles, shakes his head and leaves the room...what does that mean?   I think they are confusing me with my work! 
  And since I mentioned wicker, I should say that I got my wicker chair and can relax in that this weekend. My husband is thinking that we will need to attach them to the porch floor so no-one comes in the middle of the night to steal them. Too funny! Well, have fun this weekend....Kelly


  1. Wonder how you would secure them to the porch? Make sure they are in a good position if you are thinking something other that securing them with chain (bolt cutters are too common).

    Although you could make the chain pretty to look like foliage is growing up to the chairs, then people would get confused, especially in the dark...

    And wow - Fifty pieces to make? You're going to be a super busy girl Kelly... Just make the piece that describes you as "yummy"... complicated as all get out, but yummy still... (ok, I'm pregnant and thinking about you reminds me of that Godiva chocolate from Tucson... See where my brain gets to so fast!)

  2. Kelly - your work is anything from organic to romantic - yes, frou frou. I have noticed less refined look emerging over the last few years - the spackling technique and various others - lends an abradedness to your work. If I didn't see your work evolution for a few years and then saw something new - I would know it to be yours.
    You as a person are vibrant, colorful, and bohemian. You are well rounded in your knowledge. This next line is both positive and negative - You are critical - sometimes too much towards thy self, but your being critical and exacting is what I think allows you to create what you do - as well as you do.
    "Ya know what I mean?"
    Love you!

  3. Thanks you guys!!! This helps a lot! now to figure out what to make....hope you both are doing you both, k

  4. Words to describe your work (this is a fun exercise I like to do with my own work and others): romantic, baroque, feminine, detailed, unearthed, ornate, ancient, fragments, layered. How many do you need? ;-))

  5. Thanks ladies....I ended up just doing a square shaped pendant with nothing on it....just a square piece of opposite of what I make! Kelly