Wednesday, September 9, 2009

From my demo....

Hi everyone,
    Well, last night I went to the Howard County Art Center to give a demo to the Baltimore Bead Society ladies.  Thought I remembered how to get there....I didn't!  Almost went to the next wonder my friends give me compasses to drive with!  Just call me Gilligan! Anyway, got there and had a nice time. I demo'ed how to do Kuem-bo and enamel on PMC on the UltraLite kiln. And a lot of people showed up! I was afraid that I would be by myself....not really...but you know how it is!  Anyway, the ladies were very nice and were so quiet, just watching the screen that I was thinking I wasn't doing well. But everyone said they enjoyed it, so, yeah!  I thought I would show you what I did since some of you couldn't make it...silly reasons, like you don't live in Maryland and things like that....I started with doing the Kuem-bo to parts of each bead and I wasn't too pickie about the placement and then I let them cool and did a couple of layers of transparent enamel.  I really got excited with the yellow gold one, I love the blushie-pink in the center!  I am planning on sanding them both down with a diamond file to matte the surface and then I will antique them with liver of sulphur. I will show you the photos when I am done. I hope you like them. Have fun playing, Kelly

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  1. these are gorgeous! you are achieving such incredible effects! too bad i couldn't have come - lame reason, i live in nj...