Friday, September 25, 2009

Lots of ideas..

Hi everyone,
  Well, this week has been a lot of ideas and the writing down of said ideas...sitting on the porch with a cuppa while doing it, so not anything new to show you. I have to get my first piece for the master's registry done by the end of the month so I will be working on that this weekend...or should I say playing? I decided to look over the registry program and work up the sets that I think go together so I could then decide what themes to use. For example, there are some that are well suited for a industrial look so I put them together while making sure that I had all the requirements covered...2 from A, 2 from B, etc.  It was harder than I thought.  I feel good about how I divided them up and now when our masters registry group decides what is our next project, I will have an idea of what to do.  we are going to try to get our first group in and juried by the conference in July. 
  Speaking of the conference...I have been asked by the powers that be to do  a demo with Miss Barbara Becker Simon... we will be demoing 3 techniques each in the span of an hour's time...I am excited about being asked and then the fun of planning and doing the demo!  I will tell you later about what we are doing...need to keep you all on the edge of your seats!!  There will be a video cam and everything!  I will give you a hint with the photos that I am posting....can you guess what we are going to be showing??  Anyway, have a great weekend, playing, of course...Kelly


  1. Beautiful Kelly! And congrats on being asked to demo. Can't WAIT to hear the details. Where will it be? Can you at least tell us THAT?????

  2. It will be at the PMC Conference in July....Perdue again. I think I have seen you and Joc there before...LOL...I hope you are going to will be great to see you is Joc by the way? and how did your show go? I liked the photos you posted...clever idea with the waxed lined thread on those earrings...nice change from jump rings....wish I had thought of it!! talk to you soon, K