Monday, September 7, 2009

Latest assignment...

Hi everyone, 
  I was planning on posting a page on Saturday, but my internet server went down. I was going to show you my assignment piece before it went into the kiln in case it fired all weird. I had really thick areas on top of super skinny areas so I thought a lot of distortion would happen. But, it didn' I will show you both photos...and a couple lucky people, you!!!!  Anyway, the assignment was to meld two or three shapes together into one bead.  I went overboard after that, but what's new??? 
  In between all this, I went to Pier One and got some beautiful wicker chairs to enjoy the weekend and the upcoming season...I love sitting outside in the fall and winter. I thought my husband was going to faint when he paid for them though!!!  I tried spending less than 100$ but he went crazy....800$!  No wonder he is grumpy today!  We are going to see Harry Potter finally! Yeah!  Anyway, have to go get ready...hope you like the new pieces....have fun today, Kelly


  1. Woah, Kelly.... I am blown away by this piece... I mean, I really like your work - got quite the collection too... But this piece - Wowchee-mamma... There are so many things running through my head about it and quite frankly, I'm speechless... And you know I've always got something to say...

    Absolutely stunning in so many ways...

  2. Thanks, girlie!!!! wish I was there to witness the speechless part...maybe Dave should send me flowers or something!! hehe he!!!!

  3. I've got a ton of zinneas in bloom! If you want some, and can finally get out of your driveway, c'mon up and I'll buy you some lunch and chocolate and we can pick some flowers!!!

  4. this is such an incredible piece - and i was looking through your blog at your work, so cool! - i love the way you integrate fibers, extra beads, color into your designs... i am in awe! found out about you at marsha's blog... so glad i did!

  5. That's really cool and alien looking! I love it! Good job!