Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fired and finished....

Hi everyone,
  Well, I fired my ceramic and porcelain beads made by all my friends...Marsha Neal Minutella, Joan Miller, Joan Tucker and Billy Batts. I stenciled, painted paste on, wrapped and spliced and built up my old scrap pieces that I have been saving (just in case!) to cover the beads with. In my last post, I showed the beads with the scraps I was planning on using with the beads I had. So, I finally fired the beads last night and nothing exploded! Yeah! This afternoon I took them all out and cleaned them and then did a bit of the stinky know, liver of sulphur....then I also layered on some inks to the surface to make everything work together a little bit better. Some of them worked out better than I thought it would and some not as well as I hoped. I won't tell you which is which....the photos are not so great...getting ready to pour and the sky was too I will show only one photo that came out ok....hope you like it. Have fun playing, Kelly       These are the ceramic beads made by Joan Tucker of Off-Center should take a look at her website.....


  1. It's good nothing exploded! I like the cylinder bead on the left - it reminds me of maritime equipment or structure. The round beads are cool with the "caps" - the cream colored one I really like - it's like a piece of a shell. I love the beach!

  2. Thanks girlie....if you click on the will see the dragon on the piece you like...maybe it is a seadragon....kelly

  3. I thought that was a's so soft - cool.