Monday, August 17, 2009

what to make??

Hi everyone,
  I thought I would be better about writing this blog but I guess I don't do enough that is interesting to write about....I did go to a great remainder book store this weekend and got some fab books on clockworks and Russian gold jewelry and Venice and India....most of the books would normally be around 60 to 100$ marked down to crazy prices like 15 - 25$ that store!!!   You can go to their website if you love  They have a great selection of art books and even jewelry books...I got one years ago that was about Faberge and it was covered in pink silk with gold embossed letting and gold on the sides of the pages for 15$....I saw it in Barnes and Noble the following week for 125$!!!   I Love getting books to look at the pictures so I can be inspired!!  I didn't think I had a lot of books until I started counting bookcases in the house....15 at last count....whew!!!  So today I am going to work on my workshop assignment and I will show you the photos I took to inspire me from around my to decide which one...and tomorrow I will show you what I made....because our new assignment has been posted and I have to get to work!!!  So, enjoy your day playing!!! Kelly

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