Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New workshop piece....

Hi everyone, 
  Well, I got my HUGE bead out of the kiln and it is still HUGE!!!!  It will be a centerpiece for sure and I may use the beads of Joan Miller's that I experimented on as the side beads. This bead was inspired by the rust and the rumpled metal of a car. I found out after firing that I should have used a solid piece for the back but felt like pushing the boundaries and the bead was really wonky when it was finished firing. I had to do a bit of moving around and flattening to get it to sit flat like it did before it went into the kiln.  The bead of Joan's was fired in place around one of the posts. It was a bit of a pain to get it in place since I decided to put it around the post after all the posts were in place and dry. I cut out the post, added the ring and then re-attached the post. I am thinking of having swags of small beads attached to it and then attached to the main necklace....I hope you like it...It was way fun to make....have a great day playing, Kelly

You know....looking at my bead and the inspiration photo makes me think I got a little carried away with the rumples....too funny! K


  1. Kelly, you sure are having fun and being sooo creative. I love the crumpled piece. I have been feeling crumpled and now my knee is better and I can talk and laugh and oh yes I am back. Hope all your experiments are making you happy. Joan T

  2. Thanks Joan....I am glad that you are feeling better...Lana has been great about keeping everyone abreast.....wait until you see what I am doing with yours....hang in there and hugs to you both, Kelly