Monday, August 31, 2009

Look at what I made....

Hi everyone,
   Well, you were patient and waited while I struggled with my last assignment for PMC Voice. I started by making a polymer mold that I wanted my flower petal to look like. After I baked the mold, I rolled out my PMC at a 2 card thickness and draped it over the mold and let it dry. It takes some time to make three pieces that way...I then took the scrapes of PMC paper and made the base design and I even made a bell cap with a similar design on it. After it was fired and cooled, I started trying to assemble it and after a couple of hours of that and nothing working right or looking good, I almost threw it all away! I don't remember ever being ready to do that, so I took a couple of deep breaths and started deleting my design. Anyway, I hope you like it....the pod has dyed silk roving and a great bead that was made by Stuart Abelman. 
  By the way, I would like to thank everyone who takes the time to read my blog and I really love it when you leave comments...makes me think I am not out here by myself!! Thanks again, Kelly


  1. From what I've seen you do wonderful work. Keep it up.

  2. OH, it's beautiful! Nice details just everywhere!

  3. Hi Kelly,

    I'm not sure how I wandered over here but I,m glad I did!! I've been reading along for a couple of weeks :)Thank you!! I have really enjoyed following your progress with your classes. :)

    Your flower bud is beautiful!! It really has a wonderful Art Nouveau feel!! :)

    Pattie ;)
    Mazatlan Mexico

  4. thank you, ladies, for the comments. Kelly