Thursday, August 20, 2009

New Beads...

Hi everyone,
   I thought I would show you some of the beads I gave new life to for the Bead and Button show. I made these polymer beads about 8 years ago and have always loved the color and I always wanted to do glass beads that looked like these but I don't work with glass....(when I took a class with Leah Fairbanks back in '96; one of my friends almost torched off all my hair and that was was the class I met Sylvie Landsdowne that was a good thing).  Anyway, I figured out how to make these look like glass and then added my PMC disks at each end....They remind me of bright fruit.  Now I have to make something to go with them....any suggestions?? I hope you like them...have fun playing today, Kelly


  1. These beads are so yummy! I love them!!

  2. I do like them a lot. And I like the contrast of the shiny metal to the multi colored polymer... Do you have any with a patina as well or was that just too much and took away from the beads?

    And I think you should swing up for Bead Fest to see about finding stuff to go with them! Just call my cell if you think you're coming! Fri, Sat & Sun!!!

  3. I love these. They look like little gourds