Sunday, August 30, 2009

Still Working....

Hi everyone, 
   Well, I am still working on my PMC Voice piece. Our assignment was to use a illustration from a children's book for inspiration. I used to collect children's books because I wanted to become a book illustrator. So, my inspiration piece comes from the book "The Forbidden Door" by Marilee Heyer.  The illustrations are great and detailed....things I love!  I decided to make one of the "flowers" since I also have a soft spot for them. I have made three semi-half pod shapes and a ornate cap that hopefully, when put together, will look like a real pod.  Well, I can only hope!  I made a mold out of polymer clay and draped the PMC into it to get the shape and then let it dry before removing it from the form...worked out pretty well. They are being fired as we write and read and tonight I will string them together. I just need to decide what to put in the pod. I have silk roving and huge green pearls and gold colored sheet mica and all sorts of other things....any suggestions?  
  Since my PMC Voice piece isn't finished, I will let you see some pods I did in the past. I hope you have a great day playing, Kelly

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  1. These are just dazzling! I can't wait to see what comes out of your kiln...