Monday, August 24, 2009

My latest assignment project...

Hi everyone, 
   Here is my latest assignment....a song you like or one that inspires you....I chose "Money, Money".  I have a lot of antique coins that I love the designs of.  I use them every once in a while and I went through all my coins to find one I wanted to use. I was going to use a bull (from Spain) but since I don't play in the stock market, it didn't really call to me. The birds, though....I also used a tearaway with a leaf type pattern in it for the "tree" (as you think money grows on trees) and then behind the coin is a layer of Tiffany glass shards set in resin. I wanted the golden color (to symbolize gold) and the Tiffany is for the idea of expensive.  and, yes, the Tiffany glass is real.  On the back is my little blue bird of happiness since most people think they will be happy if they have enough money....enough said.  At the bottom are facetted citrine which is a stone that is supposed to bring wealth to you.  I think I may have over thought this one, but I like it none the less.  Hope you like next assignment looks like fun...I will show you next week. Have fun playing, Kelly 


  1. You over thought it to perfection, Kelly. What a beauty of a piece!
    Can't wait to see what fun you've had next week. Can you explain what a tearaway is. I've heard the term before but have no idea what it is. Thanks always for sharing.

  2. Hi Patricia, a tearaway is a way to make a textured plate of polymer to use with metal clay. I love using them...way easier than etching metal with chemicals...thanks for leaving a comment, Kelly