Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday, already??

Hi everyone,
   I looked at my last posting and I can't believe that has been 5 days since the last one....Sorry about that! I have been reading a series of books and I guess time ran away with me!  I did work on my assignment for the online workshop so I thought I would show you what I made.  I was supposed to represent myself with this bead and I covered all the bases but I don't think it is too much. I used a antiqued polymer base and riveted some PMC molded panels to the surface to make a background for the woman's face and wings. There is another polymer panel on the back with a butterfly on it over some swirlie vines. I may make a shadowbox type frame to go around it later with a cut out in the back so the polymer shows through but I haven't decided. Anyway, I hope you like it and I will try to be better about posting regularly. Have a great time playing in the studio, Kelly

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  1. I like how you combine polyclay with PMC for a unique look. I really should program my kiln and start experimenting with copper clay, I already work with polyclay and find it very adaptable to other mediums, not to mention the custom blend colors!

    I have a difficult time blogging everyday-- it's been five days since my last blog and there is nothing new on the horizon except an annealed steel necklace that I've yet to finish. I say "blog without obligation"!