Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hi everyone, 
   Well, I have finished my second assignment for the workshop ....I am not going to tell you what the assignment is in case you want to join the next round of classes....But I will say this, my inspiration picture had to be the ugliest thing on the page!!!  looked like something a three year old would would paint!  and primary colors! I was going to make a bead in the round but I couldn't make enough ugly doodles to make up four sides.....I will keep working though!  So, I will leave you with a photo of my assignment....any comments for improvement would be welcome!!! And then you should go play in your studios!!!  Have a great day, Kelly


  1. I really like the way this piece came out. Very nice lines lady... and an italian three finger kiss from the lips to the air on your patina and color. Now I want to see what the sides and back look like. I know you don't leave anything bare...

  2. Kelly,
    Hi, just came across your blog... what classes are you talking about that gives assignments? Is it an online class? Still love youe wonderful pieces.

  3. Hi Louise,
    I am doing a on-line workshop with Sylvie Lansdowne (I know you know her)...we get a new assignment every week and have one week to make one bead and one bead only! We just finished number three and I will be posting the photo in a bit...hope you are doing better! Have a great day, Kelly