Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Well, I have gone and done it!!!

Hi everyone, 
   Well, like the title says...."I have gone and done it"! And what might that be, you ask??? I have signed up to do the Master's Registry course! Now, I have to make all those things....I have hooked up with some of the girls on Facebook and we are helping each other in the support area....which means giving each other a kick in the pants if needed and helping in the advice area. Great for when you are stuck or need some technical questions answered. Since I am still doing my experimental workshop with Sylvie Landsdowne (we are on assignment 6) I will continue to show you what I make for that and as I finish my MR pieces, I may show them...don't know if I should before they are juried. Have to check that out.  So, I am going to go down to the studio and make my workshop piece and work on my drawing for my MR piece...we are doing the brooch with stilt rivets as our first piece. I will at least show you my drawing....I know, you are waiting with bated breath!!! 
      Since I don't have photos of those yet, I will show you some of the porcelain pieces I did that have been antiqued with fine silver.   I am going to use them instead of stone cabs and bead around them, kind of like my good friend Sheri Serafini...she is teaching at another friend of mines'...Kim Otterbein's 'The Bead House' up in Bristol, Rhode Island.  Kim and Jeff have a great lineup of teachers and classes every year...check them out!  I will be teaching there in November...making rings!  So, go play in your studios and enjoy your day, Kelly


  1. Can I just say how fun it is to come here to your blog and see your amazing work. Thank you so much for sharing, and the inspiration.


  2. Way to go! Master's Registry? No where to go but UP, my dear!!!! Can't wait to see your creations. Wish I was ready to start. I'd love the support.