Wednesday, October 21, 2009

and time passes....

Hi everyone,
    I can't believe how fast time just zips along.....I have been losing myself on the computer trying to find out the answers to all my questions.....trying to find some items for some models I want to have made and planning out some kits to go with them. I am talking to a couple of big seed bead/crystal bead babes about doing some kits with my polymer and pmc cabs as the centerpieces. I am excited about all the possibilities!  This weekend I am going to be slaving away under the eyes of Barbara Becker Simon in Florida....hope the weather is nice! I am still enjoying the weather up here, although Morgan is now sporting a jacket when he sits outside with me! I have been working on some purse designs and of course, my Master's Registry project. This one is the resin piece. I am going to take my camera with me to Florida and will post a note or three about the class and my shelling trip on Honeymoon Island...way excited about that! Well, off to pack up my supplies for the class and make some copies for the homework....going to do the rest of the homework when I get to Florida.  I hope you enjoy this weekend playing in your studios, Kelly             P.S. The first image is my MR piece and the second is some of my ideas for my purses.....K


  1. Your sketches are lovely. Can't wait to see it realized. Did you finish the stilt rivet brooch??

  2. No, I haven't started it yet...good intentions and all that...I am planning on working on them after I get back from BABE in November. Right now I am in Florida getting ready to take a class with Barbara Becker Simon....and to you soon, k