Saturday, October 31, 2009

and last but not least....

as the heading says....last but not least, I got my copy of Cynthia Thornton's book, "Enchanted Adornments" and my embroidered cuffs are in the gallery section. I wish the photo was right side up so the mermaids are not upside down but Jean Yates did a necklace with a bead of mine as the focal point so I don't mind about the cuffs. I am going to show you a photo of the cuffs and Florida...hope you like them...I mean, who else posts three times on one day...Trick or Treat? Have fun in the studio this weekend, Kelly      I tried to post the photo of the stag horn fern three different times and am so glad it finally got posted.....I now know that I can't post more than 3 photos at a many photos, so little space!


  1. Just gorgeous, so delicate, love all the details on it. Great job.


  2. Your piece is lovely. Just imagine the mermaid swimming upside down... mermaids can't swim right-side up all the time, you know.

  3. you are too funny, Andrew! the book is great! I love the way Cynthia wrote the stories about the pieces....very creative! See you soon, kelly