Monday, October 26, 2009

Birthday Weekend.....

Hi everyone, 
   I am still in Florida...enjoying my birthday week....came in on Thursday and played with metal clay (we had homework for Barbara's class) and then on Friday, we went to Marie's to play with polymer clay. I taught Wendy and Marie how to do mokume gane. They were quite happy with the process. Then on Saturday, we drove to Bradenton and saw some rosey spoonbills and egrets on the way there. We had a great time in class and made some fab beads! The girls surprised me with a fancy birthday cake and a song! and a card! I have gotten some great photos of flowers and the beach, so I am going to post those for you. I forgot to take photos of the class....this is the first time I took a camera on a trip, so just flowers and seafoam....hope you have had a great week. I will post photos of the beads I made next week after I antique them. Have fun playing, Kelly

I tried to put up 5 photos but it didn't want to load that, the photos are a hibicus flower, a decaying leaf on a stag horn fern and then a shot of the seafoam around my toes...hope you like them, K