Monday, November 2, 2009

What's new and exciting....

Hi everyone,
   Well, since I didn't have photos to show of the class with Barbara, I thought I would post the photo of the bead before I spray paint it. I was excited about the polygon bead itself and all the possibilities and was writing down ideas all this week and yesterday, I finally had time to go into the studio to play. I decided to use a polymer mokume gane plate I had experimented with this past winter and stored as a record. I have all these wonderful polymer plates that have been baked and placed on index cards with the paint, ink or color samples and notes for what I did to the clay to get that certain look. Not all the experiments worked as well as I had hoped but a lot of them turned out better than I hoped. I made a big polygon bead with a beautiful blue , green and transparent pearl mokume gane. I used super glue to do the whole thing and while I was photographing it today, it fell onto the porch and held up great! It is also super lightweight, so I think they will mix well with the metal clay ones.....lots of a HUGE Thank You to Barbara!  I think I will be experimenting a lot in the near future. 
  On a side note, for those of you who have been asking about my classes, I am teaching at the BABE show in San Francisco, Nov 14th and 15th (may need to check the dates....). I hope to see some of you even if you aren't taking a class.....please stop by and say hi!  I am looking forward to going out to eat at a Moroccan restaurant that I researched online.  Seeing all my friends is fab too, but hopefully, they all know that!  It is so nice to talk with anyone who "gets it", whether it is beads, stones, or creating.....most times, the family thinks I am out in left field by myself, but really, it is quite crowded out here!  Anyway, I hope you like the beads I made and I hope to see you soon, Kelly     these photos are of the metal clay polygon bead...before paint...

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