Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lovely Snow....

Hi everyone,
   Well, I haven't been doing much to show you...mostly paperwork and trying to come up with new ways to enhance my business. I have decided to take off the whole year from shows and not worry about the economy too much. Although, I am missing Tucson...which is happening as I write....but the last couple of years while I was there, I missed the snow here, and I LOVE snow! So, it has been really nice for me to have had two snow storms already and a couple of more on the way...I would have missed them if I had gone to Tucson.  Morgan and I took some great photos early this morning, right after the snow stopped falling, around 4:30. And now, it is 3:45 in the afternoon and the snow is almost gone! Glad we took the photos, even if it was dark! I love the way the snow was outlining the branches and you can see how delicate they look. Then later when the sun tried to come out, the light made the branches even more delicate but you can see all the detail. Morgan and I are hoping for more snow this weekend so we can play with the camera some more.....don't know what I will do with the photos..maybe a wall mural?  Anyway, I hope you are having fun in the snow or the sun, depending on where you are and don't forget to play in the studio, Kelly

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  1. Kelly, we just took one year off from shows and I do not miss hem; I miss Tucson and the people but not the shows.. We are rethinking what we do
    and how we are with pottery. Lana is throwing pots and I am considering some larger forms. I am still making beads and pendants but itchy for something else.WE cannot afford to lose money; breaking even is ok so unless the shows get more profitable we may not return. Miss seeing you; stay well and happy. Joan T