Tuesday, February 23, 2010

And now, halftime!!!!

Hi everyone,
   I almost hit the enter button after the title but stopped myself just in time! Yeah!  I had a great time in Virginia at the prison!  I went down on Thursday for the guild meeting and had Chinese dinner before we went to the Mexican restaurant. We got to see a bunch of Gordon's pieces before class and talked a few girls into coming to the class and join in the fun!  Hopefully, Heidi didn't regret not going snowboarding!  I am going to post the little pig she made and hopefully she won't mind! I am also going to show you what I had to look at for three days every time I looked up from what I was doing!  I made a lot of copper and bronze sheets to use in my polymer/pmc pendants. Gordon was a very patient teacher considering we had 20 loud, chatty women!  That man has hidden talents!  I am looking forward to talking with him this week at the Synergy Conference here in Baltimore! 
    We also had a great time at Carol Hamilton's house for dinner and drinks on Saturday night! I haven't laughed that hard in years....my side actually hurt!  Thanks everyone! I must have needed it!  Jeanette LeBlanc (hope I spelled her name right or she will probably write something in the magazine about me that isn't nice!) not really, but she is quiet and quick!  I thought I was going to wet my pants a couple of times after she had just zinged someone.....we are tight like that! Right, Carol?  And for all this I was lucky enough to stay with my good friend Terresa Leopold and her hubby, Cory.... he was a pretty good sport! I wasn't even afraid f her dog, Miko....although, I have never been dissed by a pooch!  And Kim Joy, what more can I say, another quiet but quick zinger!  
     Gordon and Carol had a contest for us within the class context that was fun. The basis was that you had to combine two different clays in the same piece. Denise, Debbie (the young lady in red and white prison garb!) Roxanne and Susan won the prizes of packs of bronze and copper clay!  Lucky girls! We also had breakfast and lunch made for us all three days....not bad, right! Great way to take a class....eat when you have a break while something is drying and making the most of the time!  Like I said, great class!  
     So, I won't be posting between now and next Tuesday at the earliest....I am going to Synergy and then a two day class on Sunday and Monday!  I am hoping to pick up my DREAM machine at the conference...way excited! 
     Hope you like these photos....first is Roxanne's, next is Heidi's, and third...what can I say...a room with a view!  Enjoy! Kelly


  1. :) Thanks for liking the hog enough to upload him (or her). I really am SO glad I was able to join in on the fun over the weekend! I totally already bought myself some copper and bronze clays and firing materials. I can't wait to do some more experimenting. Oh, and I'm so glad I can check out what you are up to via your blog... which is great by the way. I can blog-stalk you. :D If only I could keep mine updated in a timely manner like you do, haha.


  2. The Gelzz would like to thank you for showing their best side. Though they're a little worried nobody will recognize them with out the necklace...