Thursday, January 28, 2010

Third times the charm...?

Hi everyone,
   You would think by now that I would learn NOT to hit enter after typing in the title....but no!  Maybe more than one cuppa is called for!  I will be glad when computers learn to take dictation and type the words themselves!  
    Well, enough of that!  Now for the news....I was asked to be in Tonya's Master Muse program back in the fall but couldn't tell anyone!  Anyone who knows me, knows that I am really lousy about keeping secrets!  But I did keep the secret and now it is time to talk!  Tonya has launched the program with Anne Mitchell's clasp project and it looks really good! She has also re-done her blog page and it is very sleek looking!  Tonya sent half of us supplies with one challenge and the rest of us with (different?) supplies and a different challenge. We were also able to pick what kind of clay we wanted to work with...copper, bronze or silver....I got some silver, some nice stones and watch parts and the surprise item.....I don't know if I am allowed to tell the challenge behind my bead so you will just have to watch Tonya's site....mine is due in a couple of weeks but I don't know when Tonya will release it. We are each doing 6 will be interesting to see what we all make. And for those of you who will be at either Bead and Button or the PMC Conference in Perdue: you will be able to see what we have made, up close and personal. Tonya is going to put what we have made to date in a display of some kind....exciting, right?
   And now to show you what I have made in the last day or two....besides teaching Morgan embroidery...with lots of ribbons and beads.  I was also going to show you Morgan's first embroidery piece from when he was 6 years old, but he would rather I wait and show this new piece. He thinks it is more grown up and he is 19, after all...nuff said!  He picked out a piece of wrought iron detail to blow up and do and tomorrow we are going to make the pilgrimage to JoAnn's to get some more supplies.  I was doing another beaded bezel around one of my beads that has a fancy gold bezel of it's own with black opals set into the ring.  The center piece is one of the paper-porcelain pieces I made with Marsha Neal and then tinted with liquid polymer. This bead has all the things I love...porcelain, beads, PMC, polymer and beads and fro-fro and last, but not least...pearls! How can I go wrong?  I am thinking of using the Stuart Abelman side beads in the necklace part with the pearls.  I also have a couple of John Winter's hollow gold beads that I may also use. I think I need to make a clasp of some kind to finish it off.  Anyway, I am off to work on some beading of some kind...maybe Zen-beading on microsuede with one of my cabs....porcelain or PMC?   Hope you like the new piece...have fun in your studios, Kelly

   By the way, this piece is called "The Protector" ...he was cast in a mold that I made from an old Art Nouveau stamp case that a friend of mine let me borrow....Thanks, Shelia!  


  1. Wow! Yowzah!
    Can you post a link to Tonya's site? I am unfamiliar with who/what you are talking about... but more images like this? The inspiration!!!

  2. Hi Jenny,
    Tonya's link is You can also get there from her pieces we are doing for her are with metal clay...not beading...I don't know if they would work for porcelain or stoneware clays....drop a line if you have any more questions...Kelly