Saturday, February 6, 2010

Snow, snow and more snow...

Hi everyone,
   I am still working on my ideas for the coming year, so not a lot to show....except snow!  For all my friends in Tucson, who are trying to come home after the bead show and my dad, who is laughing at the small amount we got....these images are for you....and everyone else, too!  I find it really funny that on our street that once the snow stops falling, the men come out in droves...driving their little snow plow lawn mower conversions! My husband even bought chains for the tires of his...but he has to shovel all the snow out of the way to be able to get the "plow" out of the garage! And of course, he left the shovel at the other end of the property for ease of clearing a path but then he had to clear a path with his body to get to the shovel!  One of the guys two doors down (our local cop) actually got a clear plastic shower curtain ensemble to go on top of his plow so he could stay warm!  I told Ed if he got one of those, I was going to add hot pink beaded fringe to the "roof line" and give it some style!  Anyway, for those of you snowed in, enjoy yourselves and for those of you in the sunshine, sorry!  Hope you enjoy the photos....Kelly

   The first photo is Ed taking a break....and the next is my little VW Bug hiding under a blanket of snow and then the third is in to his "Need for Speed!"....

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