Thursday, February 18, 2010

More action....

Hi everyone,
   Like Brittany says, "Whoops. I did it again!"  really, you would think I would stop hitting the enter button to go to the next line after typing in my title....and shouldn't it go to the next when you are in Word or writing a letter?  Oh, well.. I hope everyone is doing well while I have been hiding behind the snow...and for those following the snow stories, you will love that my husband was so tired after riding his lawn mower/conversion snow plow that after 10 years up here, he finally bought a snow blower and tried to take out the windows in the front of the house before realizing he had to turn down the funnel part!  And to top it all off...the storm that was supposed to drop another 12-15 inches on us, Didn't!! I think he should take back the blower! That is a lot of money for a garage ornament!  
    Anyway, I have been working on some see my bead on Master Muses sometime in the near future. It has been a love-hate relationship and everything that could go wrong, did! But in the end, it worked out alright.  I haven't worked in clay since last year and had to think some things out that I had forgotten....wild!  Just remember that mistakes can become positives! and paint is your friend!  You will have to go peek at my bead once Tonya puts it on the site....(hope she likes it!).
   So, now I am getting ready to go to Carol Hamilton's studio in Va. to take a class with Gordon Uyehara for copper and bronze clay and maybe some silver....getting ready to experiment! I will be rooming at my friend Terresa'a house for the net four days...and to top it off, she is a great cook! I will be cooking for her and her hubby, Cory, too, to do a little showing off, after all, fair's fair! and then when I get back, I have a couple of days before the ACC show and the Synergy Conference (both here in Baltimore) the Conference starts Wednesday and goes until Saturday or Sunday and I am taking a class with Dan Corimer at the end of the conference for two days! And to top it off, my good friend Mel is coming in from Scotland (she actually started her trip to get here last night) and we are going to squeeze in as much time as we can together....too much fun to be had!  The Tuesday after that, I should be collapsing for a couple of days! Shattered, as Mel says! I can't wait to see some of my polymer friends that I didn't get to see in Tucson, since I didn't go. One of my friends from here got stuck in Tucson for an extra six days....crazy!  Kind of glad I didn't go, as we normally rent a house for a week and we would have had no place to stay....maybe Karma was working with me on that one! Yeah, Karma!  
    Karma has also been working with me on other things, but that will have to wait until the project is more fleshed out! But a big surprise is coming!  I hope you will like it, I am so excited about it!  Anyway, I hope everyone has a great time for the next week and a half....I will try to post some photos of all my peeps and maybe show what everyone is making and doing! But no promises!  Oh, and to top it off, Duff from "Ace of Cakes" is making a cake for Synergy....planning on photos of that!  It's a cooking thing!  Trying to be creative in all parts of my life.....have fun in your studio, Kelly            thought I would show some of my first beads to you....sometimes it is good to look back!  

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  1. Hi Kelly -
    I fell a little short on the meal department, but you didn't! Show off you did! Your Paprika Chicken and Rice was fabulous. I found a small bowl in the fridge...mmm lunch for tomorrow!
    Have a great time at Synergy and fill me in on all the details...
    Love You!