Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Working on....?

Hi everyone,
   Well, we are still working on the cabinets...since we are making them from scratch...cutting the wood, gluing and nailing, fitting the supports, fitting the doors, etc. It is going to take longer than a weekend or two.  I am looking forward to painting it...have already picked out the colors. I am planning on a beautiful shade of teal for the base with a creamy ivory with a touch of mint for the top coat and then I will sand back the highlights to expose the teal. I also picked out this really rich purple for the living room walls, yum!! 

     During the week, while Ed is at work I am trying to decide what to do with my schedule....I am not going to Tucson (what a bummer!) but it looks like my work will be there. Andrew Thorton from Green Girl Studios is going to bring some of my work there for me....isn't he the sweetest?!  So, I am thinking of sending some of the necklaces that I am working on along with some beads....I am actually going to string up the pretty little moon and owl piece that is pictured in the sidebar to the right with some antique black 3-cuts (that I just finished cutting off a damaged antique purse and washed down....took me 4 hours to get ready!)....and I am using some little 2mm bicone crystals in clear to look like stars among all the 3-cuts.  I am thinking of using some of Lisa Kan's beautiful plum blossoms in among the black to remind one of a garden at night.....I will post the photos when I have finished. 
     I am also working on 4 or 5 other necklaces that feature my beads that have polymer in them. I am going to be showing my work at the Synergy Conference here in Baltimore (in Feb) and want to have some new pieces just for the show. I am very excited about them. I am using an antique pearl collar as the base for one of the necklaces and adding copper electroformed pods and more of Lisa's flowers and some crystals in peachie red....have to let your mind play with that until you see it...I am starting that piece today! Way excited!!!  Anyway, now I need to go...too excited to sit here any longer!  I am posting photos of some of the beads I am using in the necklaces I haven't told you about and the one with the pearl collar....any comments are always welcome!  Have fun in YOUR studios today! Kelly
    The top piece has a tiny piece of roman glass in the center and a tiny black opal set off to the side and the lady on the dragonfly has a colored background done with colored pencil and the third lady is a inlaid tearaway with colored pencil and antiqued with paint after I attached the PMC border....guess which one is the center bead for the pearl collar!  

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