Monday, January 18, 2010

New beads and new hair.....

Hi everyone,
    Well, I admit it....been lazy this last couple of weeks....normally I am busy getting ready for Tucson...making beads, re-doing my displays buying any loose little bits I may need and trying to sleep, wash clothes and pack in between!   I am still working on my new beaded designs and I went to the Baltimore Bead Show last weekend to buy a few beads....came home with 300$ worth! Granted, that is a few for me but they were all seed beads, and a lot of them!  I got to see some friends I haven't seen in a while and that was nice to be able to catch up.  I did get some beautiful 2mm crystals and am planning on using them on my beaded polymer cabs as the accents around the face.  
    I am also involved in a secret project(I will let you know when I can) and had to have my hair done and photos I had Brandon come over and do me up and then he took my looks good but the photo isn't the glamour shot I hoped for!  Oh, well....have to work with what you have....
    I signed up for my classes at Bead and Button and am way excited!  I am taking a glass casting class with Susan Lenart Kazmer and a enameling class with her also. Then I am taking a PMC/enamel on glass class with Vicki Hallmark and another enameling class with Gwen. A couple of seed bead classes with Leslee Frumin and a image transfer class with Sherri Haab on PMC and one with Donna Faulkner on transferring images to fabric.....I am looking forward to trying some new things!  I noticed that a lot of my friends aren't going to be there which is a shame since it seems like I never have enough time to shop with them. I am so hoping things get better soon!  So, today I will show you one of the necklaces I am planning with one of the beads I showed you last time.....I think it is going to be pretty once it is finished. I need to go to Beadazzled up in Baltimore to pick up some needles to sew it up...can you believe that I went to the bead show and forgot to get needles and thread and beeswax!   Anyway, hope you like the pictures....and before you ask, no pink since I am not going to Tucson....maybe for Bead and Button!  Have fun in the studio, Kelly


  1. Kelly - Your hair looks Great! Nice color! That boy of yours is something else - say "Hi" for me.
    You're lookin' good - I miss you!!! I missed you at the bead show - :(
    Can't wait to see the necklace completed.
    I know I can always find some delicious eye candy when I stop in...Thanks for sharing.

  2. Kelly, I'm taking the glass casting class with Suzanne Lenhart Kazmer and the enameling class with Gwen too plus about 5 more. I also gave up my booth at Bead and Button this year and I will not be selling in tucson either. Too many things going on in the personal life. Look forward to seeing you in Milwaukee.
    Louise Little

  3. Wow, I like your hair! Looks nice! Of course I will see you at Bead and Button!

  4. Thanks everyone....I am looking forward to seeing you at B&B and in class, too! I am excited not to be going as a vendor! Strange, right? Louise, what other classes are you taking? Have fun, Kelly

  5. Kelly. your hair is so flattering to your face in that darker color. Nice. You look younger than springtime... Joan T