Monday, January 25, 2010

After all this time....

Hi everyone, 
   I thought I would show you what I have been playing with this week....I actually have done some peyote stitch bezels this week that I haven't done in about eight years! Talk about getting back on the bike! The first one was really wonky so I thought about the beads and tried again....definitely improvement! It is hard to get my mind back into beading mode after so long away! The second bezel with the flowers came out much better! I am thinking of making these into kits of some sort with two smaller medallions on the sides and maybe a bracelet enlarger to work as a set. And to top it off, it only took three movies to finish the medallion....The Fifth Element, The Mummy Returns and Monsters, Inc. favorites, all!  
   The other thing that happened this week, after all this time, was re-connecting with a friend of mine from way back from high school. Talk about changes! My old high school is now bigger and one of two and the house I used to live in is now gone and in its place is a McDonald's, a Walgreen's and some condos and a few traffic lights thrown in! What a pity!  And I also found out that one of the main mentors of my artistic life passed away. I can't even describe everything I am feeling about that.  I am glad about re-connecting with Jim though. He was a good friend starting when I first moved to Jackson and it is a pleasure to "talk" to him again and catch up.  So, for the last couple of days I have also been thinking that has happened in the last 30 years! Quite a lot!  Well, enough of that, I have beads to sew together and I am going to be teaching Morgan peyote stitch tonight....wish me luck!  He wants to learn something new.....have fun in the studio, Kelly


  1. They're both pretty! Love the colors!

  2. Very nice work! Amy has a project in Stringing winter edition... I have a ton of projects going. Nothing like multitasking. I have a great Kumikumo project waiting! can't wait until June!