Thursday, December 10, 2009

WOW! Time flies.....

Hi everyone,
   So sorry that I haven't posted in a bit. Ed offered to help me put the "library" in order and get all my books up off the floor and onto the bookshelves. I actually ran out of room and so I decided to go through 8 years of magazines to pull out the bits that I want to keep. So far, I have cleaned off 2 1/2 shelves and only filled one box with the saved bits. Now I have to go and buy some blank journals to fill....maybe I can put books on my Christmas list!!!  For those of you who see me in Tucson, I have to tell you that I am sorry that I won't be coming out this season.  I am planning on putting my time to good use and experiment with some things I have had cooking in the back of my mind. I am also working with a wonderful bead artist to make some kits featuring my centerpieces.  Hopefully I will be able to get back on track with the Master's Registry pieces....have some catching up to do!  Well, back to ripping up magazines, filling the well, as Christie Friesen says....gonna have to get some more glue sticks too!  Have fun playing, Kelly        Thought I would post some of my rings, I ran across some of my old ads that showed the pearl ring and I had forgotten how pretty it is. Hope you like them. K.


  1. beautiful pieces!
    i have a stack of magazines too, but i'm just not motivated to work on them yet ;)

  2. I love ripping up magazines. I do find it very inspiring, especially when I run across one of your pieces in there. ;-) Makes me want to go cosy up with a throw and a cup of tea and start tearing.

  3. I too love the "clip and save" process. But...end up with piles of loose papers because the "glue stick in the journal" process gets tedious. My thought - 3 ring binders and clear sleeves. Not as aesthetically pleasing from the outside, but so fast and satisfying...

  4. I have a whole shelf full of the three ring binders full of images that I have pulled off ebay and other sites and then I glue on the images from the magazines that work with them....helps cut down on the journals and they are easy to rearrange.....and Vicki, will my pictures be in any of your journals??

  5. Those are magnificent pieces!
    Ripping up magazines to clear out the old and re-create for the new sounds like fun.