Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Nutcrackers and more magazines....

Hi everyone,
   Well, as the title said, I am still working on my magazines, ripping them apart and throwing out the parts I don't need. I now have a box full that I have to start cutting up so I can start sticking them down in my journals and the instruction pieces can go in the filing cabinet!!  Watching the "Nutcracker" with the Royal Ballet on tv while working on the magazines....great music!  There are some really weird "Nutcracker" ballets out there....my favorite is still the one designed by Maurice Sendak (the guy who wrote "Where the Wild Things Are"). He did some great designs for the sets. I would like to say that I put up my Christmas tree but as it has been up all year, that would be a lie. It still looks nice though. It hangs upside down from the ceiling and has little light shades that I made out of vellum on the little light bulbs. Lots of icicles hanging down, a bunch of Chris Radko ornaments and little glass birds and bells. I will try to get a good photo and post it this week. I hope everyone has had a good time in the studio making gifts for family and friends....so, since I haven't played (just filling the well)..I will post some of my other photos...hope you like them, Kelly        The first and second photos are of beads I did about three years ago and the second one was the front cover of the PMC Guilds magazine.  The third is the inside view of the ring I posted last time. The watch glass on the top is a magnifying lens so the "diamonds" look bigger than they were....great engagement ring! K


  1. beautiful work!
    i would love to see a photo of your tree!

  2. Kelly, As always admire your process and your work; have a fun holiday; we will be at Tacoma next year and maybe Santa Fe if I can get a booth. Also Portland Bead Society.. I may have to fly out to visit you and Marsha as we a re doing fewer shows. Our new work is a departure and I hope some one like it.lol

    I love thinking abouit your uposide down tree. Dr Seuss would have liked it.Hugs Joan T