Monday, November 30, 2009

Recovering from the holidays....

Hi everyone,
   I figured everyone would too be busy doing other things to have time to check in with me, so I put off posting. I hope everyone had a nice holiday, wherever you were. We decided to do something different this year....Morgan and I thought we would be by ourselves so we choose a Moroccan recipe to experiment with. The recipe we chose was chicken with apricots, prunes and pomegranates with cous-cous. And then we threw on some potatoes....YUMMMM! It is a keeper recipe for regular meals now and it was way easy to make!  We did have apple cobbler though! Morgan may not care for turkey, hence the chicken but he does like apple pie and apple crisp.  I also got to watch a series of architectural shows that I had recorded and got to draw a lot of ideas based on parts of the buildings. I have had a urge to re-visit some of my older designs that combined the angel photos I took with the assembled pillars and arches. I may even re-design some of my "Peep Show" beads. I always liked them. I am planning on stringing up some necklace and bracelets to show how some of my beads can be used (for all those wonderful people who have purchased beads from me in the past and still don't know what to do...maybe this will be a good jumping off point for them).  So, not much to show in the new work arena..but some photos to hopefully inspire.....Have fun playing, Kelly 
     The photos are from (in order) The Walters Museum, San Francisco farmer's market and then finally, my front yard....some kind of crazy weedie type bush whose berries turned blue and purple after the first frost and they now continue to grow in these colors and even turn white with blue dots on them...crazy beautiful....I am thinking they will be great looking beads! Hope you like them....Kelly


  1. That sounds good to me! Hope you had a great time...

  2. Can't wait to see what you make!

    Oh and the plant is called the porcelain berry vine.

  3. Hey Andrew,
    Is the plant really called that or are you just pulling my leg? and does it turn blue and purple all the time or was it just a fluke? Did you have a nice Thanksgiving? Hope so. Thanks for the encouragement...K

  4. That's really what it's called. The berries are like that and not a fluke. Anne Choi has them in her yard and she gave Cynthia and I a cutting last time we were there.

    Thanksgiving was fun. I am enjoying family time, but there is never enough time to play and create.

    Speaking of time to play and create, we should get together one of these days. I'll bring over some food. You're not that far away after all.

  5. Never too busy to check in here to see what's been going on. Mighty wonderful that it is!
    Sounds like you had a wonderful meal for Thanksgiving.
    Bring on the Peep Show!
    Love You!

  6. cool berries! they looked like metal to me, and i thought the were some of your beads you'd stuck into greenery to display!