Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Some journal pages....

Hi everyone,
     I have been busy ripping up magazines and have now started to cut and paste!!  I went and got two big journals and thought I would have them filled in no time!  I now know that I really don't have a good grasp on time management!  It took two days and one swollen hand to cut up half of my pages! I thought I would just breeze through that part! Wrong! I filled half a shoebox with the cut images and so I thought I would start pasting....and two days later, I have about 10 pages, is this going to take a long time!  I do like the pages that I have done so far. I have made some that represent an idea for a bead or a series of beads and then some of them are just colors put together for me to use when I am working with the polymer or resin. I have a page for interesting ideas on setting stones and some with ideas on different bead shapes inspired by ceramic and wood items. Since I am not going to Tucson, I am planning on experimenting in a big way!! I hope everyone has a great holiday....I will try to write after the big day and before the other one. I know I am getting some books, I bought them, but didn't peek inside, so I am looking forward to brain may explode by New Year's with all the ideas rattling around now! I tried to take a nap today and found myself constructing a beaded bezel in hot pink beads with a PMC center!  Looked pretty good, so I may have to make it! I am posting 3 pages that deal with color....I think they look good enough to eat!  Have fun with your journal pages, Kelly


  1. It is more work than you think, isn't it? But it's fun, too!

    I like your idea for pages with particular techniques. I'll have to try that.

  2. Kelly-- it is jean Yates

    are you selling these days? just hoping. Happy New year! xox

  3. Hi Jean,
    Yes, I do still sell my beads....if you let me know what subject or style you are looking for, I can post some beads on my page and then you can blow them up to see the detail. Have a Happy New Year! Kelly