Thursday, December 17, 2009

Photos of my upside down tree....

Hi everyone,
   Since I have had requests for photos of my upside down Christmas tree, I thought I would take isn't decorated as heavily as I normally do but you will get the idea. It looks great when I put on the expandable looks like a waterfall of silver.  Hope you like it. The first photo is the whole tree and the second is one of the little vellum lampshades that I put around the bulbs and the last is one set of the little glass birds that hang around the tips of the branches. I may even take it down this year and redo it next year. One year we had it up for 4 years....the boys loved bringing home their friends to see it!  Need to make some new lampshades though....maybe in a color!  Purple sounds good!  Happy Holidays everyone! Kelly


  1. Finally!! I have seen the famous Christmas Tree! So unique like you - love it!
    I can see purple on your tree next year - maybe even a little turquoise and pink.
    Thanks for sharing your tree.
    Love you,

  2. All right, the upside down christmas tree!
    I love those birds!

  3. yay, the upside down tree, it's very cool!

  4. Always loved that upside down tree of yours!

  5. So this is the fabled tree! We still haven't put ours up yet. We should probably do it for Azalea, but she doesn't seem to mind.

  6. Kelly, Thanks for photo; sometimes imagining is better than the real thing but in this case the tree is marvelous. I love purple and yes maybe pink for it. Do your hair to match and then... take another picture. Happy Holidays, Joan T and Lana

  7. Thanks everyone for writing! Hope you all have a great holiday! Kelly