Wednesday, November 18, 2009

San Francisco....

Hi everyone,
   I brought my computer to San Francisco thinking I would be able to write about the show and all....but I couldn't quite figure out the hotels ethernet stuff so I am doing it now that I am home. My luck I would have had to pay for the internet service on top of everything else and I would have been done in!  I forgot that Oakland is it's own entity and not part of San Francisco and flew into the wrong airport! It cost me 65$ to get to the hotel and 90$ to get back to the airport 4 days later and on top of that, the fee for a overweight bag went up in June from 25$ to 50$.....and I could have spent that money on beads!  I did luck out and had a fun group of girls in my class. We went out to the farmer's market for lunch and I am going to post the photos of the orchids that I found there. Saturday and Sunday were the show days and I had a fun time seeing all my friends....I was next to Andrew Thornton from Green Girls, which was great fun! Andrew has to be one of the nicest guys on the planet! We finally had dinner together on Sunday night at the "Silver Dragon" (what a great name,huh?) and it was the best Chinese food I have had in over 10 years! I has hoping to be able to eat at the Moroccan restaurant but I didn't have another 130$ for the taxi ride plus whatever the dinner would have been, so, maybe next year I will eat there before I go to the hotel!  I got some great beads and sequins and antique lace and buttons to come home with and am planning some great beads to play around with! I really enjoy the time between this show and the beginning of the is experiment time in the studio....and who knows what will happen!  I will tell you that I got some eucalyptus electroformed pods with eyeballs in them and some antique glass glitter from France (that was a gift from a friend) and then add some resin in the mix and then you have something fun to work with....I will post photos when they are done!  So, I am going to play in the studio now and hope you will too! For everyone that I didn't know before and had the pleasure of meeting, it was fun getting to know you and thanks for stopping by.....and to all my friends who stopped by, thanks for all your lovely comments!  Have fun, Kelly        Do you think I love the color purple?


  1. Nice orchid pictures! I am just giggling to myself thinking about the words coming out of your mouth when you figured out the airport thing!

    Would love to see you in person sometime soon! Let's seriously do lunch... and soon (only 7 weeks to go for me until my scheduled due date, and you know I'm pushing for an early delivery!)

  2. You know, patience is a wonderful thing...let Riley come out when he's ready.....give me a call when you are up and about so we can figure out when to get together....anytime after 2:30!! Love you, k

  3. Hey Chica! You should have let me know that you needed a ride to the airport. I had a rental car and would have been happy to take you!

    P.S. The lemon chicken was fabulous the next day. Thanks so much for sending me home with some!

  4. Thanks Honey...didn't think about asking....if I come out next year, I am eating at the Silver Dragon for every meal and asking for some rides. for sure!!! I hope your presentation went well and that you had a great trip home! Or did you go to Cynthia and Greg's to see Max? Have a great Thanksgiving with who ever you are know what I mean! love, the mm....