Friday, June 4, 2010

Off to Bead and Button!

Hi everyone,
    Well, it is finally here! The largest bead show and this year it should be fun since I am taking classes and not having to worry about bringing beads and a booth set-up in my is a lot of work, setting up and taking down...good luck to all the vendors....I am hoping to learn enough that my head wants to explode...not a pretty sight, but then I will know I have learned alot! 
    I got to celebrate my son's birthday on Thursday...Morgan is 20 years old! Boy, does time fly!  I actually got a photo of both my sweeties and Alex, Brandon's partner. Brandon and Alex came up from D.C. to join us for dinner. We had a very nice time. We are going down for a weekend visit after B&B and are planning on going to the Smithsonian...we have never been. I am planning on taking the sketchbook!  
    I hope everyone will have a fun week while I am busy stuffing my brain.....I am planning on taking photos while I am there and will post them when I get back...after I catch up on my sleep!...maybe Tuesday!   Have fun, Kelly

   So, here are my guys....everyone has heard of them but no one has seen is proof that they really exist! Morgan is on the left and Brandon is in the middle and Alex is on the right.  Alex is new to the family and a really nice guy....I couldn't be happier for Brandon!  Morgan has been my saving grace this year and beneath all that facial fuzz is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet! Take care til Tuesday....Kelly


  1. Nice looking boys! Your Morgan reminds me of my best friend during high school.

  2. Thanks for sharing the boys!!!! Joan T

  3. Holy Cow Kelly! I can't believe how grown up Morgan is!!! Then again, the last time I saw him was 4 years ago at the show in NY (he was just starting to grow his beard then...). And the often heard about Brandon. Did he give you a little magenta for your hair at B&B this year?

    Maybe Morgan would want to drive up with you one day and we could hit up the Cheesecake Factory up here for lunch!

    Have fun at B&B! Thanks for taking care of my silks for me!!!

  4. Awe - what a nice picture! Lovely smiles and all! I miss Brandon - he looks so happy - he should be with a dreamy man like Alex. Morgan is a cutie!
    I hope you're having fun at B&B - I miss you!
    Love you,