Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Back from the big show.....

Hi everyone,
   Well, I am back from the big show....and my brain still feels full!  I am in love with what I learned and now I have to figure out how to incorporate it all into my own work. The glass casting is definitely going to be used. I learned how to make my own molds and fill it with glass....think of the faces and bodies I can make and use in my PMC frames....or into my Angels in the Architecture series.....and with electroforming to look like it was been underwater for ages....with pearls and coral, "nuff said!". 
    I also took a class to learn torch firing, now I have to buy a torch! Too much fun!!!  I will take some photos of those pieces after my camera re-charges and show them on the next posting.  They were too much fun!  
    I then learned how to fuse fine silver with Anne Mitchell...I may finally have overcome my fear of fire!  Between the enamels and fusing, I had a great time and realized that fire doesn't to slow me down. Yeah! 
     I took 3 classes with Leslee Frumin to learn some of those beading stitches that I have neglected over the years. I got a few inches done on a necklaces and then learned how to do all those lovely crystal rings and bezel settings.  I have some necklaces planned for all those little lovelies.  Now I understand why all those ladies go crazy with all those crystals and rivoli's.....Bling, bling, bling!  
     One of my classes was with the nice Vickie Hallmark...we learned how to paint enamel on glass and then to fire it into a PMC pendant. Pretty fun and the famous Gordon Uyehara (god, I hope I spelled his name right!) was sitting next to me! He's quiet but he's funny! 
     And I finished it all up with transfers onto metal clay and fabric...two different with Sherri Haab and one with Donna Kallnor....both were great fun! I loved the part where I got to color with crayons as part of one class! How can you beat that as a class requirement? Then adding beads to it!  Perfect! All in all, a great week! 
     I also got to see some of my long distance friends....Heidi and Jodie, Nikki, Andrew Thorton, Ann Mitchell, Susan Kazmer, Barbara Simon, Barbara McQuire, Kathy Hoppe, Lisa Kan, Christie Friesen, sweetie, Virginia Blakelock and Carol Perround, my first bead teachers, Cynthia Rutledge and her hubby, Mark, Mary Hettsenberger,  and the list goes on and on...I even made some new friends....Gail Lanuam (hope I spelt that right) and Cris Leonard, Shari Kazmer, Susan's sister and Linda Larsen...Vicki Hallmark and Sherri Haab.....I was glad to re-meet them and get to know them all better. 
     Well, enough of me rambling on....I will post the photos of what I made tomorrow or the next day, but I will leave you with some of the girls.....have fun in your studios.....Kelly are some of the no particular order, Barbara, Nikki and Christie.....all great gals!!! I am proud to be a friend to all of them!  K..


  1. Kelly, I'm so glad that I finally got to meet you! I've long admired your work. You're such a fun person to take a class with!

  2. Thanks Cris...I enjoyed getting to know you too! I hope you and Paul had a good trip home...