Monday, May 31, 2010

Charging up for Bead and Button....

Hi everyone,
   I just realized how lone it was been since I last wrote....weeks are just flying by. Kind of wish I could make time run a little more slowly or backwards even! I went to a bead show this weekend to see my good friend Darlene Mansue.....she is one of my booth-mates. We have shared booths in Tucson and at Bead and Button. It is going to be strange this year, going to Bead and Button without either Darlene or first booth-mate....she is at home being a momma! Two kids and counting!  And I am going for classes...I think I am doing 9 or 10 classes....if I am not bald by the end of the week, it will be a miracle! I know I could slow down and take a lesser amount of classes but I figured, once I am spending the money for the hotel, air fare and all those extra little bits, I might as well take as many classes as I could. This week I have to start gathering up my tools and supplies. I am starting to get excited about all the possibilities for the future! Who will I see there from the metal clay world?  Let me know and maybe we can get together...I am having dinner with Gordon one night and am looking forward to catching up. I will be having some of my beads for sale at Nikki Thornburg's booth, so if you just have to have something of mine....I hope everyone who is going has a great time!  Have fun in your studios....Kelly

The photos are some close-ups of a iris in my neighbor's yard...I love the colors and the last photo is my good friend, Darlene....some of you may recognize her from some of the shows we do together....enjoy! Kelly 

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